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    Yes I would bring Emily Quartermaine back from the dead alive and well and here is why:

    1) Jason needs his sister Emily especially now that he is going to be a father to Sam’s baby, and also because I know Emily and Sam they were actually pretty tight together because of Jason, they were close, and I know Emily would make a wonderful aunt to this baby of Jason & Sam’s

    2) Monica needs her daughter back because she just hasn’t been the same since Emily’s death and also because Monica has none of her children around except for Jason, but Jason now is starting to get close to Monica but he isn’t really as close to Monica as Monica would love it to be, but Emily was close to her mother and I know with Emily back alive and well, a part of Monica would be alive again and Emily would be able to bring Jason and Monica closer together as mother and son

    Edward would have his granddaughter back and Edward was really close to Emily because she reminded him the most of his late wife Lila Emily’s grandmother and also because they just had a bond, a bond that couldn’t be broken regardless of whatever Emily did

    4) Someone to put Tracy in her place because we all know Emily could do it in a heartbeat and also because Emily and Tracy even though they never got along, they respected one another and to see them in scenes together again would really warm my heart

    5) Michael would have his Aunt Emily back in his life and not to mention Emily would be able to help Michael stay on the right path in life and not to mention Emily used to date Michael’s dad Sonny, so she was especially close to Michael perhaps more closer to him than Carly was, and also if she were here during Michael’s rape, she would have been here to help her nephew through it because Emily was also raped by Connor Bishop, and she would have been here to help him through the whole Abby thing as well

    6) Elizabeth would have her best friend back alive and well, and Emily would help Liz with whatever she was going through and also because their friendship they were almost as close as sisters, they had a bond that couldn’t be broken and not to mention they would be able to put each other in their places especially when one was wrong in a situation

    And with Emily back in town alive and well it would bring back Nikolas Cassadine, her one true love back to Port Charles and we can finally see Emily and Nikolas get married again and this time finally have Nem have their baby

    I would bring Natalia Livingston back as Emily but if she didn’t want to come back, then definitely Amber Tamblyn as Emily but if she didn’t want to come back, then a good re-cast for Emily would be Rebecca Budig who played Greenlee Smythe on All My Children and if not her then Elizabeth Hendrickson who plays Chloe on Young and the Restless as a re-cast Emily

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