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    I just read this article and I found the website of the company stating the same thing about “THE DOCTORS” soap opera! Here is what it said:

    SFM, the company that owns the rights to THE DOCTORS and here’s the latest update on what’s happening with the show: “We are in discussions right now with a major cable channel about resurrecting THE DOCTORS. There is also a possibility for a syndication of the episodes, especially since ABC cancelled two major soaps. Stay tuned.”

    The company’s website stated this under news:
    SFM, Colgate-Palmolive, Hallmark reach deal on behalf of Colgate-Palmolive, and the Hallmark Channel, agree to a distribution deal regarding the Doctors, the heralded Soap Opera which started it all. Been in the works since 2008 but still an agreement had been reached and maybe just waiting for SFM to do the remaster of tapes.

    It went on to say they have to say:

    Stan Moger, a rep for SFM told us, “It is still working. Unfortunately, the economy and much of the population is not working, so THE DOCTORS has been delayed for another few months.”

    There is also a matter of making sure the episodes are ready for broadcast. Moger said a conversation process had to be completed. “The shows are still on 2 inch and 1 inch tape and need to be transferred,” he said. “We are dealing with 260 shows per year for 20 years, so the numbers are quite substantial. We would have to transfer 260-520 episodes in the first instance so we could run them 5 days per week. It is this funding that is holding up the return of this wonderful soap. We are on the case and trying to get it done as soon as possible.”

    This would be wonderful news having a hole now with so few soaps and trying to garner loyalty viewing from soap fans is smart….Could see down the road reruns of P&G’s soaps on cable in the future? I would watch “The Doctors” and never seen the soap before it would be all new to me. So what do you think?

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    Ryan-Scott, YES, I knew her as Lucinda and LOVED her but I knew she was on The Doctors, I never watched at the time so this is exciting for me. A friend was NBCer and love this show and told me all the talent from this “little soap that could”. I went online and read about the this soap and it debut the same day as GH in 1964. NBC niche high melodrama, where GH premise was based on intimate friendships where TD was cut throat and risque with backstabbing going on with the staff on the hospital. I read where GH started changing in the late ’70s with Gloria Monty (ie:Ice Princess and freezing the world Luke & Laura sage) and moved away from the hospital drama, The Doctors always kept stories still based in the hospital drama about the patients along with melodrama of the core families until the end. Gosh, read the posts from fans GH and its different soap and very little now based on hospital drama and more about the mob. I hope this happens, regardless how dated the look will be…A good story is a good story…its all new to me and not knowing what happens is fun and actually see again what soaps do best and not this bs of today… ;)

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    I would LOVE to have the Doctors back on tv! In fact I think the show could be resurrected for today’s audience. The show could be about Matt Power’s son Mike who could now be the cheif of staff at the hospital. I am thinking of an ER\Bones type show. Fast paced with alot of nooky in the broom closet sort of thing. My cast would include Anna Stuart reprising Toni Powers, Mike played by David Forsyth and Liz Hubbard reprising her role as Althea.
    By the way Althea was about as opposite of a character as possible from Lucinda Walsh. Althea was this uptight button down lab tech doctor. She was always good. People would be surprised by how different of a role this is. No scenery chewing!!! I would be very happy to see the show from the start. I only started watching in the 70s. One other gem that people don’t necessarily know is that Kim Zimmer starred on The Doctors in the late 70s and early 80s. Nola Dancy was a great role and the one that started Kim’s career as a soap star. Nola was a climber and a scratcher. She came from nothing and raised herself up by her bootstraps. She was the third person to play the role. Before she was on, the show had established that Nola was a singer. So we get to hear Kim sing some too on the show.(side note she took over the role from Kathleen Turner who was also great as Nola).
    The show was at its best when it stuck to medical drama and love stories. It veered way off at the end of the run and I have no desire to see the last six months again.
    Not from the begining but for most of its run the show had a two family traditional structure. There were the Powers family Led by Matt and Maggie. They had two children between them. The other family was the Aldridges. This family was led by Mona Croft the matriarch. She had two sons Steve and Jason. Steve for much of the run was married to Carolee who was somewhat mentally fragile at times. They had three kids. Billy, the oldest was played by Alec Baldwin. Jason once married Nola. Though she also had a thing with Billy at some point as well.
    In the late 70s Doug Marland wrote the show and created a third family the Dancys. Nola and her siblings. Her sister married Mike Powers at one point but she died. This family were poor and trying to scratch their way up the ladder. One of Marlands early poor family’s that he went on to create again on GL and ATWT. I think Marland got the idea from the Frames on Another World. This family was part of the show right up to the end. They started a bar/restaurant right across the street from the hospital. Much in the same format as Ryan’s Hope. Except the hospital was the focus on the Doctors and the bar the focus on Ryan’s Hope.
    The show went sci fi and adventure right in the last six months of the show. It sucked and the show went off the air.

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    @marknsprmo I hope this does happen. Even if isn’t “new” and just reruns and if they could remaster the tapes (I bet that does take time) I would watch because I wasn’t a NBC viewer. I watched 2 episodes on YT last night which one from 1978 Doreen (?)was diagnosed with leukemia and one from 1981 w\KZ and Mona has something up her sleeve against Nola and setting up a trust fund for her grandchild or Nola’s child Jesse? Not sure if that if I got the right names. Mona didn’t like Nola I assume. Both were damn good, wish I could see more episodes. So different now days, based all around family…AB was such hot, hairy number…MMMMMM ;)

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    Hell yeah peeps! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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    harlee you got the names mostly right except for the baby. I can not recall what its name was….. You might have even gotten that right! I have seen both of those vids and the funny thing about them are that both Doreen and Nola had been married to Jason Aldrich. That is funny because Jason was not on the show that much. He was played by actor Glenn Corbett who did alot of tv in the 60s 70s and 80s. He is known on Star Trek as the original actor to play Zephram Cochran the father of warp speed and the first man to make first contact with alien life forms (vulcans).
    Mona HATED Nola because 1 Mona didn’t like anyone her sons brought home,
    2 Nola was a bit of a gold digger and really couldn’t be trusted that much. However she did love Jason. Both women were strong minded women who didn’t back off easily. Think of two lionesses standing over a carcass both with babies back at home to feed. Mona was a great matriarch. She was coniving and malicious instead of sweetness and light.
    Doreen was not a huge character on the show. She was brought on as Jason’s estranged wife to cause problems for Jason and Nola. But she had luekemia and eventually passed on.
    I think Utube also has some scenes of Jason and Nola on their wedding day.
    Their marriage was not very long. Jason eventually left town and I think presumed dead for a while. But not before Mona had succeded in breaking up the couple. Nola went on to date Billy (Alec Baldwin in a very early but great role. Think Billy Abbott of Y&R), Jason’s nephew and running the family bar/restaurant.

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    @marknsprmo I do hope this happens cause I go along for the ride. This is such deja vu, I kept thinking when I was watching those episodes of TD that Mona looked familiar and bingo just watching our soaps online w\friends and there was the actress that played “Mona” …she was on GL as Maeve’s mother…Mrs. Stoddard which she didn’t want Fletcher to adopt Ben and she went ahead allowed Fletcher did adopt little Ben…Ben became a Reid. HEHE…shiz happens.

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