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    Yesterday Adam kissed Sharon, shocking her. Today they deal with the fallout. What do you think of the pairing? Should Sharon choose Adam or should she be with Nick?

    It’s also the Thanksgiving episode, which means, based on the promo things will be getting interesting.

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    Phyllis’ famous last words: "I don’t want a moment of insanity"

    Did you see Nina practically choke watching Chloe and Chase? LOL

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    Mac just walked into the room and literally sucked the air out of it as everyone fled! LMAO!!! WOW she just yelled for Chase to tell him he had a phone call…The most emotion we’ve seen out of her in months.

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    A big NO on Adam/Sharon. Is it just me seeing how wrong Muhney is for this role? Take your acting down a notch. (And no, I’m not a big Engen fan, so this isn’t a recast thing)

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    Jill just got a Thanksgiving shock when Chloe "revealed" Mac is going to be carrying Cane and Lily’s baby. This should be good.

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    Wow….did Abby actually show a spark of fire? 

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    If it weren’t for the baby swap thing then yes. i’ve been a fan of Michael Muhney since Veronica Mars but the character shouldn’t hook up w/ Sharon.

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    I wonder how much further Billy will spiral…it seems he’s going further and further down the rabbit hole.

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    "Mac just walked into the room and literally sucked the air out of it as everyone fled! LMAO!!! WOW she just yelled for Chase to tell him he had a phone call…The most emotion we’ve seen out of her in months."

    OMG, you read my mind!

    Phone Rings. Mac literally SPRINTS to phone like she’s twelve, just home from Band Practice.
    "Hello? OH, HI!" (no seconds lapsed between ‘hello’ and ‘oh hi’. One would think that’s ACTING 101 right there)

    What was that? Greg yelling out to Marcia that Davy Jone was calling?"

    Please, someone. End the Mac insanity NOW! Going along with the "Malcom and Devon were both on ‘Family Matters’" theme, couldn’t Telma Hopkins be a recast Mac? She’d be HOT with Billy!

    As for Sharon and What’s his Face, I really don’t care. I gave up on Sharon Collins Newman Abbott months ago.
    Yet, they’ll fall in love anyway. Get engaged, plan a wedding….tie the knot….bliss and rainbows and all is wonderful in a (hopefully) Mac Free World…….Sharon gets pregnant, and they are about to announce it at the 2010 Turkey Day BASH at the Athletic Club, when Det. Chance comes in…. Seems Doctor No Balls finally offed himself, as the guilt of what Adam did finally was too much.  Doc No Balls left a note behind incriminating Sharon’s new hubs. Adam has to fess it up that Faith Newman is actually FAITH NEWMAN!!! GASP!


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    NO! I do not want Adam and Sharon together, IF they didn’t do  the gosh awful baby-switch mess then yes, but now I do not want them together, I don’t care about the potential storyline fall out, I just don’t want to watch it, its icky, its wrong on SO many levels and its not something I care to see at ALL.

    the thoery of opposites
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    HELLL NO to Adam and Sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to get home to check out the show.  I will post my highlights and lowlights!

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    I like snarky/rebellious Abby but it is a complete 180 degree character reversal.

    Chancellor/Murphy/Valentine Thanksgiving.  When Chloe blurted out about Mac being the surrogate for Lily/Cane…LOL!

    I like Paul and Jill working together and lying to Katherine about a relationship, but am I the only one who sees chemistry with Paul/Jill.  How about a Nina/Paul/Jill triangle?  That would be FIYA!!!

    Crayons in the Newman turkey…hilarious!


    Adam/Sharon getting together for Thanksgiving.  It’s just ALL SHADES OF WRONG!!!

    Newman Family Thanksgiving felt a little off without Victor/Nikki

    Abbott family Thanksgiving I liked it but I think a nice touch would have been Traci and Steve coming into town to celebrate the holiday with the family.

    Why aren’t Daniel and Amber at the Newman Thanksgiving?

    What are your highlights and lowlights of today’s episodes?

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     I know that it is wrong to want Adam and Sharon together, but right now I do. Who else can Sharon date? Nick would be boring, too early to return to that. Besides which, both she and Nick seem to have a better sense of humour when apart. Perhaps Billy would work, at least for a while. At least Adam is interesting to watch, and Muhney is definitely growing on me. I loved him on Veronica Mars, and he is slowly making the role of Adam his own. 

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    No, I do not want Adam and Sharon together! I don’t mind their friendship, but that’s as far as I want it to go. Though, I have a feeling I’m not going to get my wish!

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    They need to go ahead and pair Adam with Rafe. That pairing could have been so hot. Victor Newman with a gay son that acts just like him? Priceless…

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    I like to see Sharon and Adam pair up. Their interaction for me is the highlight of the show!!! LOL!

    OMG…I still can’t believe they  destroyed MAC!!!!  Back in the good days of Y&R…MAC (Ashley Bashioum) was the bomb! MAC was a good girl but she was tough and rational and had guts and was freisty at times. She was my favorite character and I loved her interaction with Billy and JT. I also missed her battle scenes with Jill, which was so fun to watch.

    Now, Clementine Ford ruined her and made MAC act like a wimp and a total idiot. I cringe everytime I  see her face on the screen.

    PLEASE RECAST MAC!!!! My dream is for Ashley Bashioum to return as MAC…or cast an actress that act like Ashley Bashioum’s MAC.

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    Why is it that when Mac called for Chance Chloe, Katherine, Jill, and Nina felt the need to follow him? And Sharon and Adam are just too disturbing for my tastes and Lord knows I love disturbing.

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    Well it was still a shock that’s for sure even though anvils
    pointed it that way,
    should they hook up?

    I think it would be a good storyline esp when she finds out what he did
    they have chemistry..and
    what I like about the storyline is I genuinely feel he is really beginning to feel guilt (a tad of remorse)  its slow and I like that…he’s falling for her and he’s really liking Ashley who he really screwed 

    Its really interesting how these two women (and Hope because he’s remembering his mom a lot so its three)  are working him from each end unbeknownst to them but getting to him…Just when he falls for Sharon I hope she lowers the boom on him…Do I want them to shag?

    Well I’m still on the fence with that one there is an ick factor but she doesn’t know.

     I don’t ship couples too much (I’ve been GuZaFied)

    anymore on soaps I go with what provides me maximum amount of drama and this fits the bill….now that Ashely is back up to speed its making a huge difference in this storyline ….he’s still playing everybody only I’m hoping he gets snagged in his own web of deceit.

    Re: Mac well I must be the only Clementine Ford fan out here cause I like her
    However, I have to say during the Chloe baby reveal I saw pretty much a flat affect
    without a doubt … I wanted to walk in the screen and say,
    "Come on":

    "Clem come on you can do it..".re: her reaction expression to the Chloe surrogacy  reveal 

    I was typing in the CBS viewing room

    "Jillian and Mel is gonna get you girl"

    What is funny is that everybody is reacting but Mac…

    Chance, Paul, Nina, Mrs. C.
    Billy, Jill, hell even Delia

    but when I got to my Clem


    Snap out of it!!  (Moonstruck).. I even did a re-wind deal
    then did  a Tina Turner
    "oooo  a little reaction" (Typical Male)

    I think ‘why won’t she get a coach?"

    Why?  I would if my job depended on it….I’d have one on the set
    but I certainly would continue to get coached…she did laugh
    and showed some animation..
    just saying..  I think she’s getting better… 

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    Are you for real?

    Clementine Ford is hopeless!!!  

    At first, when they brought the character Mac back I was so happy because I knew that it would ruined the Billy/Chloe relationship, since I wasn’t quite happy with the pairing. However, within 3-4 month, Clementine dramatically destroyed Mac. She made her so dumb and irrational. Especially the past 2-3 weeks, I feel Clementine completely kill my Mac and ruined the chemistry between her and Billy, which makes me so SAD .

    I’m praying to the people in charge to RECAST MAC because Clementine is a horrible actress and is killing one of my favorite character on Y&R!!!!

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