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    Y&R’s Thanksgiving episode is off and running. Apparently it’s also pun day. Kevin talking about Mac and cheese just as Mac walked up couldn’t be better. LOL.

    Watching Phyllis choke having Amber over for Thanksgiving is hilarious.

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    Billy’s volunteering is a nice touch. Could Ashley’s baby be anymore of an actual doll? LOL

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    I like Jack in "redemption mode." It really seems to be working for him.

    JT just found out Mac is going to be Cane and Lily’s surrogate. JT is another one of those characters who has become really boring in recent years.

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    Ryder couldn’t seem more out of place among the Fisher Baldwins. I like Ryder, but the jury is still out on this storyline.

    What do you think of Ryder?

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    Ryder needs to go.  I’m sorry.  I could careless who he is or what his agenda is.

    I would like to see him out of the Fisher/Baldwin orbit.  He really does feel out of place.  The guy that plays him is an ok actor.

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    I detest Ryder. I can’t wait for his story to end and see him exit be it prison or in a cofin. I cringe everytime I see his dark and distasteful character. Sorry Ryder fans but that is JMO.

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    Victoria: "Are you saying you missed me?
    Nick: "Let’s not get carried away…"

    Preach it Nick 

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    At the rate Fen is growing, he’ll be 15 by next summer. LOL

    Who is this Daisy person and why is she here?

    I don’t have a problem with Ryder. I can take him or leave him. It’s Adam I want gone Forever!

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    I don’t like Ryder and I really don’t like Daisy! The girl who plays Daisy is one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. The other girls who auditioned must of been down right awful for this girl to have gotten the job! It’s nice to see Lauren more, but not with Daisy. Is Y&R going to make Daisy Lauren’s daughter? That’s the vibe I’m getting and I hope I’m dead wrong! Also, this story is making Kevin look like an idiot because of the way he keeps supporting Ryder. Is it me or does Ryder always have the same look on his face. It makes him look constipated.

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    [quote=discodan]Victoria: "Are you saying you missed me?
    Nick: "Let’s not get carried away…"

    Preach it Nick 


    Word. I liked the scenes with the Abbott family today–it’s been a while since we’ve seen them together amicably because, I guess, it wasn’t enough to kill one of them, they had to go and divide the family too. 

    the thoery of opposites

    Why wasn’t the Winters and the Abbotts coming together for Thanksgiving because of Mamie.  They both are close with each other and why isn’t the Newmans brats always get what they want, but the Abbotts and the Winters can even get decent s/ls?  Hell needs to be fired, ASAP.

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