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     What are you thoughts on today’s episode.

    Neil and Ashley, aka "NASH", had a couple smoking hot kisses.  I can see so much potential and conflict with that relationship.

    Katherine Chancellor isn’t sure whether she had a girl or a boy.  She reveals that she didn’t even hold her child after it was born.

    LIke Jamey likes to say Billy and Heather "walked it like a dog!"…. Talk about hot…I could seriously get down with them..

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     Victor told Ashley he wants the ranch back!!!!  Yes it has never felt right with Ashley there!  That house belongs to Nikki Newman…Get that house back for your true love Victor!

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    I’d like to see Nikki playing the piano again and Victor enjoying it like in the old days at the ranch. Of course he’ll be his invictive self otherwise, but it would be nice to see some normal loving moments in their lives again.

    Ashley needs to move back in with Jack along with Tracy and Billy. Jack’s going to need his family when Patty inserts herself in his life again as Emily.

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    Yes! That is Victor & Niki’s House! I can’t believe that Ashley even thinks
    it could ever be hers, but then again she is crazy!
    And as much as Heather has been written as a self righteous bitch,
    This was the first time I kind of liked her.

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    I love Heather, she’s my favourite female character on Y&R. And Billy’s my favourite Y&R guy, so the idea of them coupling up kinda excites me. Forget about Mac—a  Heather/Billy/Chloe/Chance quad kinda turns my pages!

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    I liked the Heather / Billy scene it took me off guard
    when she hit on him then hit it and told him see ya…

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    I don’t get Neil and Ashley at ALL!!!! Neil has been picking one BORING woman after another since Drucilla "died"…..First Karen, then Eva ( I mean, Tyra!) and now Ashley????

    Is this just a matter of "We have these two characters single, so let’s just throw them together and see what happens???" Sounds like lazy writing to me!!!

    I know it’s probably not gonna’ happen since Victoria Rowell has shot herself in the foot dozens of times with her commentary, but I LOVE Drucilla Winters, and Vicki!!!! How easy would it be to get her back to the show????? I will CONTINUE to campaign for her return!!!

    But, don’t even THINK about recasting the part!!! There isn’t an actress in daytime history that I could see playing this part as well–or as compellingly as—Vicki Rowell!!!!


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