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    Yippee!!!! No "Pattycake" or Emily. But, of course, they filled that void with characters that I find equally tiresome and loathsome….

    GROAN…they made up for that by showing Lily and Cane!! I know that Lily is supposed to be the "tortured heroine" in Genoa City, but why do I feel tortured having to relive EVERY detail of how much this character has been through in EVERY episode???? And why does Cane spend all his time CODDLING her??? Since when is CODDLING your wife a STORYLINE???? Lily is considering going back to modeling. I second it. Anything that doesn’t involve me having to listen to that HIDEOUS violin music that accompanies all of her scenes. Can the writers PLEASE give this character something to do aside from "cry, whine, complain and REPEAT"??????

    The scenes with Malcolm 2.0 taking pictures of Lily and them discussing Drucilla were sweet. I still wonder why the show can write DOZENS of scenes about Drucilla AND bring back Malcolm, but they can’t pick up the damn phone and make an offer with Victoria Rowell to return to the show??? Of course, Olivia was nowhere in sight.

    Ashley played the victim, cried on ANOTHER man’s shoulder for the 12,000th time this calendar year…..(this time, it was Neil!!!) PARAPHRASE: "Neil, is it possible that Adam could have tried to make me think I am going crazy??" News flash– Ashley, Adam doesn’t have to try THAT hard, honey– You ARE crazy!!!

     She then confronted Adam for the umpteeth time, making the most RIDICULOUS "demand" in soap history….."Adam, I want you to tell me the truth." Tell me, when does that line EVER work when soap characters utter it on soaps???? That’s what I thought. NEVER!!!!! Of course, Adam didn’t tell her the truth. If he did, this storyline would be OVER, which I am sure would make most Y&R fans VERY happy!!!

    Sharon attempted to defend her man, but I get the feeling that even Sharon Case finds herself chuckling during rehearsals when being asked to pretend like she is completely clueless. Wait a minute, Sharon IS completely clueless–as always!!

    Jana was her usual BORING self…..questioning Ryder—who ALSO did not tell the truth…surprise, surprise…..Then she shared some irritatingly sappy scene with Kevin at the end, but I tuned out. Maybe I was sleeping. For real, she’s SOOOOO boring!!!!!!!!! Daisy was in this episode also, but I decided to push the "MUTE" button while she was on. I don’t read lips well, so I don’t know what she was saying….nor do I really care.

    Billy hired Jill to work at "Restless Style." I like the idea of Jill writing scathing exposes and continuing to piss everyone off in Genoa City. Love Jill!! Can we get more Jill, a STRONG female character, and fewer tears, histrionics and nervous breakdowns???

    However, note to Jill: Please don’t title any of your upcoming stories "Ruthless"! Been there, done that…….

    Back to Ashley, she finally threw Adam’s sorry tail out of her house. Wait a minute, the last time I checked, it wasn’t ASHLEY’S HOUSE. (REMINDER: I thought that Victor threw YOU out, Ashley!) If Adam had wanted to get "technical", he could have reminded her of that fact, but he simply ran away with his lying tail between his legs.

    One of the final scenes was Ashley, Phyllis, Neil and Malcolm sitting at the table discussing Adam again. I wonder if they can manage to outsmart him if they put their heads together.(CUE HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!!!!!) Doubt it. If they do, it will be sometime around 2015….the way this story is going!!!



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    I have to say I also liked Jill going to work for Billy at Restless Style.

    Tucker I guess has a secret.

    I am over Ashley confronting Adam.  These same confrontations are getting stupid.

    I hate that they have dumbed Sharon down to be with this Adam creep.  I can’t wait until he dies!

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    I’m truly starting to believe that LML Jr. hates Sharon Case.

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    LIly and Cane are fast forward material. 

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