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    Based on Jana’s horrified reaction to the identity of Ryder and Daisy’s mother, it’s got to be Sheila. She’s the only one who would envoke such a terrified reaction from Jana. And Jana was genuinely shocked, which makes sense because Sheila is presumed dead.

    The only "twist" I didn’t see coming was Ryder and Daisy being twins. But this actually makes sense because it was getting ridiculous to imagine Sheila having truckloads of children (Mary, Diana, etc.).

    I’m not sure if Y&R is going to try to say Sheila had Ryder and Daisy BEFORE she stole Scotty, but that would annoy a lot of people because Scotty’s been shown to be older than them. Well, Scotty looks older than Daisy but he and Ryder could be about the same age. Daisy would just have to be playing older. The only other explanation would be to say she had these kids between her stints on Y&R/B&B.

    My fan theory for Sheila’s return YEARS ago was that Jana was actually Sheila’s rapidly-aged daughter with Massimo from Y&R. Since Y&R ignored Sheila’s children last time she returned, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out Sheila was using a "stand in" baby to pose as her child with Massimo in 2002 and didn’t actually have a kid with him. Sheila’s daughter with James Warwick disowned her, so I don’t think we’ll ever see her turn up on Y&R.

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    I think this story is treading water, and I think it’s because of some behind-the-scenes stuff.

    A couple months back, late November or early December, Soap Opera Central posted an article that said Kimberlin Brown had signed a one-year contract and would be returning in the new year. Within the hour, the article had been taken down, and a chat to discuss the article had also been cancelled.

    I think that Kimberlin was supposed to have returned by now, but something behind the scenes stalled, so now they’re dragging this story along without the big reveal. I do believe Kimberlin is returning as Sheila, but if they drag this out til May sweeps, fans will rebel (and many are already unhappy with this storyline).

    My HOPE is that Sheila is revealed on the final day of sweeps. Perhaps they are doing what they did with Thom Bierdz and filmed her reveal on a closed set on a weekend. If the mother is not revealed by March 31st at the very latest, I think we can write this story off as purely dreadful.

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    Whoever it is: don’t bother bringing Jana back!!! And after you are finished shuttling Jana to parts unknown, come back and pick up these other two idiots, Daisy and Ryder. I didn’t think a character on this show could get any more annoying than Jana, but I was clearly wrong!! Daisy takes the cake!!!!!!

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    Jana’s an awesome character. One of the only women on this show worth rooting for.

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    I agree with alstonboy4315 , because Jana been on my last nerve since she arrived.  Just get rid of her….Everybody been getting killed off, but I think she should be killed off, because she and Amber are annoying along with Lily/Cane….I’m just saying

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    Poor Jana! I don’t get the hate! She is a much better female character than Daisy, Abby, Eden, SHARON, Patty/Emily, hell, even Phyllis and Ashley.

    Anyway, let’s get this topic back on track to SHEILA. Does anyone here NOT think Mama Bear is Sheila?

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    Yeah, AlistairCrane, I agree that Sheila is the most likely suspect. However, I can’t understand how she could send those two idiots (Daisy and Ryder) to do her dirty work for her…. Actually, I was wrong before with my comments about Jana being the most annoying character on Y&R–I COMPLETELY forgot about Eden and Abby. Those two whiny, sniveling little twerps are WAAAY more annoying!!! Trust fund brats who whine and complain ad nauseum……I don’t get it!!

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    I don’t think it will be Sheila even though she is the most likely suspect considering she hated both Lauren and Amber.  They have certainly wanted us to think it was Sheila, but I would think we would have read some spoilers about Kimberlin Brown returning by now.

    Plus I follow Tracey Bregman on Facebook and one would think any Sheila story would heavily involve Lauren and yet she just isn’t working much (writer’s choice), maybe once a week or on occassion twice a week.  Look at the week before last, Lauren and Michael were off screen.  Then they are on a few times this week, but never for very long and now next week I think Lauren is off again.  Are they stretching the reveal of the mother out for another month or is this turning into yet another lame Scoobie caper?

    I have this nasty suspicion that MAB used the history of Lauren and Sheila to hook viewers in the sense of wondering who is this mother, but may turn this back into a Scooby story with Jana’s kidnapping.  Will we see day after day of Kevin, Amber and Daniel looking for Jana with Michael and Lauren just brought in for a shoulder for Kevin to lean on or as support just like they were used in all of 2009.

    This story has taken forever to develop and is not exactly a fan favorite, but at least it seemed to finally give Lauren a story.  I also liked hints of snarky Lauren lately.  I like Jana and hope she will be found, but I want Lauren and Michael in the thick of this story, not just used as support once or twice a week while the Scoobies are the real focus.

    Of course, if it isn’t Sheila I have no idea who the mother is.  I though Daisy might be pulling a modern day Norman Bates and that she is actually the one pulling the strings, but why does she hate Lauren so much and why does she keep telling Lauren that she thinks of her as family.  She has mentioned that at least three times. 

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    "They have certainly wanted us to think it was Sheila, but I would think we would have read some spoilers about Kimberlin Brown returning by now."

    Well, there was that Soap Opera Central article about Kimberlin signing a one-year contract I mentioned above. Also, there were no spoilers about Thom Bierdz/Phillip returning before his cliffhanger appearance at the end of a Friday episode in May, so it’s possible Y&R has kept this secret under lock and key.

    Daisy’s red hair is meant to indiciate a relationship to Lauren or Phyllis, which is why I fear the mother COULD be Lauren’s long-lost evil twin. I recently posted information for a casting call for a body double that seemed to match Tracey E. Bregman’s stats. But would Y&R really do another "evil lookalike" story when Patty is running around posing as Emily? That’s also why I don’t think Michelle Stafford will play Sheila again.

    Watch Sheila be revealed as Lauren’s half-sister.

    I honestly believe this story is being rewritten for some reason. Amber and Daniel were going to go look for Little Deacon and Amber’s mom Tawny, but there has been no news of Andrea Evans reprising the role of Tawny. Come to think of it, Andrea Evans is a redhead. Maybe Tawny Moore is Ryder and Daisy’s mother. Watch Tawny be revealed to be Tucker’s twin sister, thus connecting Amber, Daisy, and Ryder to the Chancellor clan.

    I think Jana’s reaction to the mother was the biggest clue yet. She was afraid. Would she really have been afraid of Lauren? Or anyone other than Sheila? I don’t think so…

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    Yeah they definitely dropped that little D story so that’s why I wonder if Amber and Daniel will take a more prominent role in this Daisy story now and less focus will be on Lauren and Michael which would be a shame.  They even had Daisy flirting with Daniel the other week.   

    I can’t see them doing another double story with Patty/Emily going on now, and Lauren and Sheila have been enemies for so long and they have such different body types and heights that for them to even consider making Sheila a Lauren look alike seems way out there.

    I thought of the evil twin for Lauren but why would her twin have been given away when her parents were married while Lauren was raised as an only child.  Plus supposedly Daisy and Ryder’s father is Tom Fisher.  So to have Lauren’s evil twin have children with Michael’s step father years before Lauren and Michael fell in love and started their own family seems way out there even for Y&R under MAB.

    The problem is they do seem to be constantly changing the focus of this story as well as the target so it makes little sense when you are trying to piece everything together.

    the thoery of opposites
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    Does anyone remember who Shawn Garrett was?  He was the guy that was obessed with Lauren in the 80’s.   Do you all think he could be connected somehow?

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    Diane Jenkins is making a short visit. Could she be involved? Probably not, but thought I would put it out there.

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    Diane was friends with Michael who won her a big divorce settlement and her son’s custody.  I also don’t remember Diane ever having big issues with Lauren, so why would she be after Michael, her friend, or the love of his life?

    I think Diane being back is to set off Patty since it was Diane who Jack was cheating with when Patty was an innocent young woman engaged to Jack.  That was when Patty starting to lose it, so Diane returning and talk of Kyle, the son she shares with Jack, would upset Patty.

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    As for Shawn Garrett, I guess there can be a connection, but whoever is after Lauren also has issues with Daniel and Amber and they are not connected to Shawn.  Also, I am not sure Jana would be aware of that Lauren story which was overshadowed by Sheila, the ultimate psycho involved with Lauren,

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    There would be a lot of problems with a Shawn Garrett connection to this story IMO. For one thing, Shawn is dead, so they would have to bring back yet another character from the dead to have him personally involved. Now admittedly, this is true of Sheila, too, but that kind of fakery is the kind of thing Sheila was known for, so I could look the other way. But to think that Shawn is alive and sat around for almost 25 years (real time, maybe more in soap time) plotting revenge on Lauren seems absurd, even for a soap, and he has no connection to Amber. And if mama bear is some relative out to avenge Sean, the same questions apply: why wait so long, and what does Amber have to do with Shawn? And why not target Paul, who rescued Lauren and took Shawn down in the end?

    I’m with Alistair in thinking that the story was rewritten after news of Kimberlin’s return leaked. But they better hurry up, since no one will care who Mama Bear is very soon.

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    How would Jana know what the real Sheila looked like? 

    The last time Sheila was on, she had her face made over to look identical to Phyllis.  Are we to believe she did not die that day in the motel when Lauren shot her and she had surgery again to get back her old face? 

    This is a little ridiculous even for a daytime soap!    If they make Mama Bear  Sheila, then Y&R has sunk to a new low!  


    Why hasn’tt anyone on any of the message boards addressed the fact that Sheila looked like Phyllis when she was on the last time?

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    1. Jana googled Sheila and saw her real face.

    2. Sheila forced her lackey Sugar to have plastic surgery to look like Phyllis and sent her to GC in 2006-7.

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    Could Jana be Sheila’s daughter? I know she tried to escape Sheila.
    Or Anyone that would have reason to hate Kevin.He sure made alot of enemys in his time.

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    Also as far as I know, None of Jana’s family has ever been shown.

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    I’ve had a long-standing theory that Jana is Sheila’s daughter with Massimo from B&B.

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    Sheila being resurrected yet again for the how many times now?
    I’m not that intrigued I never was a big Sheila fan after the third time
    and that time she had Phyllis’ face its just too old for me.  I like Jana
    I hope she’ not related to Sheila.

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    Sheila needs to come back. It’s insulting that Michelle Stafford ever played that part.

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    Interesting.  Here is what I think:

    Mama Bear is Jana’s mom but it isn’t Sheila.  After all Sheila is dead with Phyllis’ face.  She could be out to take revenge for Jana not being the good daughter and doing her bidding.


    Mama Bear is Amber’s mom.  The real target would be Amber but Lauren and others are collateral damage because she knows it would hurt Amber.  Deacon did have a part in Ryder and Daisy coming to town after all.

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