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    As the year almost comes to a close, I wanted to discuss my choice of Y&R’s Best and Worst storylines of 2011. Please comment, DC posters, I enjoy reading your input.


    Baby Lucy custody battle- Now this umberella story showcased what soap writers can do when they get their hands out of their asses. Billy wanted desperately to give Victoria a child and did so by buying a little baby girl from a black market baby broker, but this wasn’t just any old baby smuggler–it was the niece of Rose Deville! Talk about mining history. Also, the angst between Billy and Victoria was so believable. All they wanted was the perfect family, which neither one of them have had as the spawn of Victor Newman and Jill Abbott. Adding Phyllis to the frey gave the storyline life, but also jeopardized her friendship with Lauren and Michael. Then the crazy redhead wench lured Daisy back to Genoa City. Can you say WTF?!? This girl raped your son, Phyllis….why invite her back into your life? Anyway, from Billy Miller, Michael Grazidei, Michelle Stafford, and even Amelia Heinle pulled off this emotional story with great success. Grade: A-

    Who Killed Diane Jenkins?- Hate it if you will, but this murder mystery has been classic soap for me. Why does everyone hate it? Maura West got a fantastic exit and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the twists and turns this storyline has taken since August. Diane relished hurting the Newmans and Abbotts before her corpse was discovered in the park, she was a great villian and antagonist. Watching her irritate Phyllis, Victor, Jack, Abby, Ashley, Tucker (who got his ass handed to him when Diane shut him down in the park!), Adam, Victoria, and Nikki. Even though we know Patti killed Ms. Jenkins, I love how she is making everyone squirm to cover up what may or may not have happened the night of the grisly crime. Also, Ronan as the investigating detective is awesome! Him interrogating Genoa City’s rich and famous has provided some great scenes. Ashley breaking down while Abby was wearing a wire had me glued to screen….as well as other moments involving this story. I just feel bad for Kyle…poor kid. Grade: B+

    Tucker McCall is my father-Okay, Katherine having another grandchild out of the blue is definitely far-fetched, but I was just thankful that it is Devon and not another newbie. Since the can of worms about Devon’s biological father was opened in 09, I’ve been waiting for a resolution and I got it! Bryton has shown that he can be a viable leading man and deserves story not unlike Daniel, Kevin, Cane, Noah, Ronan, Chance, Ricky, etc. And he is a Chancellor! A grandchild to Katherine Chancellor…interesting. After all, beside Brock and Mackenzie, Mrs. C really doesn’t have much biological kin. Also, Harmony entering the mix is certainly a delicious element. Bryton and Debbie Morgan knocked their scenes out of the park when her character arrived in October. Watching her integrated into the canvas will be a sight to see….

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    Honestly, Y&R is awful and there has not been one thing I’ve enjoyed. The show went downhill in April 2009 and hasn’t recovered (except for the return of Tricia Cast as Nina).

    That being said, I have loved the ups and downs of Nina and Paul’s relationship. They are a breath of fresh air from all the Newman and Abbott garbage. It’s just a shame Y&R is wasting Ronan on the god-awful Phyllis instead of having him and Nina forge a proper mother/son relationship.

    Nikki’s descent into alcoholism was also good, but the writers don’t seem to know what to do with Nikki other than make her a drunk. Time to move on from this plot point and sober up our Nikki Newman!


    The whole show was bad. I couldn’t even watch it. In 2011 Y&R hit a new low.

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    Now for Y&R’s most awful plot points and story developments of 2011.


    Neil/Sofia/Malcolm- This was a hot mess for all involved in an attempt to mimic the story of Malcolm fathering Lily all those years ago. Ugh!!! When I say this plot stink, I mean it smelled like unclean chitlins and hot breath. Sofia doesn’t work as a character, so I wish they would cut their losses with her. Also, why can’t the Winters brother not share women? It’s gross and isolates them within the canvas. Even the reactions of Victor, Phyllis, Olivia, and others when they found out Moses is Neil’s son was basically, “Here we go again. The Winters brothers fathering kids with each others women.” So unoriginal and bland. Malcolm should’ve taken Sofia with him when’ve left. I’d rather have kept Leslie Michaelson around than Tucker’s “best woman”. Poor Kristoff St. John….Grade: D-

    Have a cookie, darling-Yes, I’m taking about Cane and his brood. First off, Genie Francis came on doing her best Helena Cassadine impersonation which became a laughing stock. Then, we learn Cane didn’t die and it was his twin brother, Caleb, who died. All this to keep Daniel Goodard’s mumbling ass around?!? He ain’t even good beefcake. Get him off my screen and take Helena…I mean, Genevieve with him! The only Atkinson I liked was Colin. He had potential and could’ve been a Titan along the lines of Victor, Tucker, Katherine, and Jack but they squandered that to make him an intentional drug lord. How stupid…smh……

    Death by Volcano-As much as I hated Skye, I didn’t wanted this much time devoted to her accidental death. Sharon standing trial in Wisconsin for a “murder” that occured in Hawaii had me rolling my eyes. I mean, on top of that, we had Alistair Crane…oops, Pa Newman lurking around not even to help Sharon save Skye from her fiery death. Then, he proceeds to cover up his connection to Adam’s dead ex-wife by burning down her habitat or whatever she was hiding out. Too much time was spent devoted to a blah storyline that took months to resolve. Sharon faked her own death, lived a barn, babysat annoying little girls and lambs, and gave her goodies up to a vet out of gratitude. Talk about misogynist!!! Grade: EPIC FAIL

    Angelo and Angelina-These two are not comic relief, they are ridiculous. Get them out of GloWorm and off my Y&R please! Watching them pains me like no other, especially when she attempts to sing. Also, why would she have a crush on Kevin? Has this crazy heifer not seen fine ass Billy Abbott or Daniel Romalotti?!? Step ya game up, boo…Grade: F

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    akbad806 – I honestly agree with all of your choices! I especially agree with the Baby Lucy story as the best. It was the one character driven story this year plus it referenced one of the biggest stories in Y&R’s history. To me it was head and shoulders above anything else especially the plot driven stories that make up 90% of the show now. The acting was incredible by all involved and you could see all the character’s viewpoints. I have to give a special shoutout to Billy Miller especially in that scene where he slammed the coffee table and broke his hand as well as Amelia Heinle who made me feel all the heartbreak, betrayal, and sadness that Victoria was feeling. As sad as it made me to see Billy & Victoria split over this at least it made sense and happily they have been able to get past it. The only bad part was the return of Daisy!

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    The best for me have been moments or performances rather than storylines. Best performances, even with stinky scripts, go to Jess Walton, Tristan Rogers, Debbi Morgan, Marcy Rylan, and Melody Thomas Scott.

    Best moments include Jack FINALLY getting back Jabot. I loved it when Tucker, after teasing him some, handed Jack the paperwork and instead of gloating or shouting, Jack was overcome and speechless. I wanted to hug Jack. And it provided a nice bit of revelation and character development for Tucker. Also, I have liked Ashley and Tucker in the last couple of months. They finally make a good couple; now all they need is a good storyline (Lauren/Michael fans know what I mean). Many of Colin and Jill’s exchanges were golden. Abby’s realization that she has feelings for Devon was nice; too bad she had to go on maternity leave. Is it too much to hope for them to develop Roxy enough to make a viable triangle? Probably. Billy and Victoria finally reuniting capped off the year for me.

    The concept of Devon’s expanding family was good. The acting has been good (other than Jeanne Cooper’s screeching the first couple of weeks). The story? Not so much.

    The worst was…I can’t list them all for fear of developing carpal tunnel. My short list includes Phyllis, Victor, Sharon’s never-ending trial, the criminal misuse of Sean Patrick Flannery (I didn’t recognize him for weeks, it was so bad), Chloe’s incessant whining and throwing Billy under the bus, Ronan’s return, the Winters storyline, American Idol, at least a month of hollering from Tucker and especially Katherine (this is the first year I’ve ever wanted various people to slap her), Patty, etc. Yes, that really is the “short” list.

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    I think alot of folks hated the Diane mystery because it was always obvious that no one important was the killer. JMO

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