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    This is really how sony/y&r/the bells etc want to spend this show’s money? By buying a full page ad on Really? REALLY??? smh

    The show has reached new lows in the 18-49 demo. They won’t raise it by advertising on a gossip blog featuring characters who behave like they’re 50+. What twentysomething can relate to Billy, Victoria, Cane, or Lily?


    @Marcelle: Back in the day they bought full page ads in Jet a weekly African American magazine. They pimped the Winter’s family until no end. Knowing that they had this huge largely black audience, they didn’t take a chance not to market their characters. This was a good way of marketing and reaching out the base. Because there were too few no soap magazines other than tabloids where one could market soaps. So this is a new low for Y&R. Perez Hilton? Why not just market on a porn site. A bad low.

    We are truly livin’ in our last days!

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    Y&R has no relatable young characters except for maybe Daniel the “struggling” artist (let’s not forget his daddy is rockstar Danny Romalotti). If any non-soap viewer tuned into Y&R and saw Abby the Naked Heiress and Y&R’s attempts to be hip, they’d laugh their asses off and never consider watching again. This Paris-Hilton-wannabe Abby is so 2003. Their bizarre “Viewclip” and “Faceplace” websites are just ridiculous and lame.

    Perhaps Y&R should consider hiring *younger* writers, people who are actually *in touch* with their key demographic. Hmm…there’s an idea!


    @Spacebook1: Y&R’s key Demographic is African American women. Has been since the 80’s. If they were going to make some changes to gain viewers back then that would be the way to go. And to start would be to re-hire the Don Diva Rowell.

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    Now they’ve gone and started airing ads on MTV that feature vile lame and knk. The MTV audience is used to the snookie’s and jwow’s and teen moms of the world. Does Sony think that demo would care if vile, lame, or knk got married? A 40y/o woman and mid 30s man (vile), then there’s the two thirty somethings (knk), then finally we have the 40yo and the 20yo (lame), what about any of these couples would appeal to the MTV audience?

    And I’m genuinely asking here. Not trying to be sarcastic.

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    @Spacebook1 it would make sense for Y&R to hire some young writers if they want to attract a younger age group. But you know TPTB never do anything that makes sense! If they want to attract a younger demo they really need to clean up the young adult storylines. Cane and Lily and Chloe and Kevin are two of the most boring couples in soap history and the rest of them are involved in this Angelina crap.

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    @RoseNylund…demos are not the end all. Demos come to show that is broadcasting good story. So many of young writers today don’t know how to write young demo stories. They are so thinking over the top, instantaneous plot driven story is the answer and it far from the truth. Soaps need to take experience soap writer and young, fresh writer (in twenties or thirties) and mesh the two. Young writers forgot the beats of what young soap love is about and build the characters with angst and passion. No they set them up in ridiculous stories and have no forwarding story to grow except from next plot story. First soaps need to start hiring young talent and away from the “Sexy” into the “Acting” performers. Great looking, buff bods are not the answer but always been a staple from soaps back in the ’60s pretty people, but then the actors could act, today is “U got pretty face” we will teach you to act. |( Sometimes it takes more then a pretty face & body for fans to like, they want substance.

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