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    I just read this on MFS-On Air On Soaps which will be posted on DC probably shortly but this is SOOO RIDICULOUS and way too much!! |(

    It says he’s a cameraman for Avery’s new “cooking”…UGH more cupcakes then a Hostess has Twinkies! :p He will be involved with Ken\Cupcake Barbie and possibly get feelings for Summer, it will turn into contract. who’s fooling who involving Summer a main character. A love interest is fine so why not use FEN as the love interest. But NO! I think CBS\Sony “just says” recurring knowing damn well it will become a contract so not get the viewer’s ire up and steamy… J)

    We know of 3 new recurring (supposedly) coming aboard now what’s being reported…how many newbies will we have by July? :~ I know newbies are half-price, bargain basement characters easy on the budget compared to vets on contracts but this turning into overdrive and what makes the show boring & bland when all these newbies will be featured in episode and maybe yes maybe one or two vets…it doesn’t work and again throws off the balance…. |(

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