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     Y&R ok how do you end Monday’s show with Abby telling Victor and Nikki about Victoria marrying Billy, but then start today’s show with Victor going to confront Victoria at Billy’s.  What about Nikki?  You mean to tell me she wouldn’t want to speak to her daughter about this.  Victoria and Nikki are close and Nikki would have something to say about this, but no Sony has an agenda against Melody Thomas Scott so we don’t get to see her on screen.  This is ridiculous and stupid.  Why even have her on the show if you aren’t going to use her properly?

    I am so sick of this show and the way they are treating Melody Thomas Scott.  It’s sickening and she deserves better.  She is one of the reasons why this show went to number one in the ratings  Enough with this crap already!

    Nikki’s children have been going through a lot and all we get to see is Victor’s pompous ass walking around confronting and acting like he runs the show.  Enough with Victor being shoved down our throats everyday!  Give us Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman!

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    I know what you mean, Smitty.

    I felt cheated today when they didn’t pick up from where they were yesterday.  Is the new arrangement with MTS that she only gets to appear for X amount of minutes or on X days of the week or something?

    Although, I have to say, during the scenes with Pomerantz yesterday, she did look pretty miserable about having to be there.  It wasn’t until she told Victor how scared she was that I actually saw her "act" like she used to.

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