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    Isn’t it time Victor and Ashley appologize and compensate Estella for the slur to her name and offer her a position of authority at the ranch.. Maybe finance her training leading to a career at Newman?  Rafe could be involved in a settlement to catapult Estella into a better financial position.   She has certainly been a loyal and  honest employee?

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    I do think that Estella should be vindicated and given an apology, but the problem with Y&R nowadays is that they don’t seem to respect their minority characters (whether they be Hispanic or African American) enough to give them ANY real airtime. They are only writing Rafe and Estella (two great Hispanic characters with great potential) as supporting characters around the Newmans. They clearly have no real desire to use these characters in ANY real capacity—-except for maybe once a month, if that—-so I don’t see them doing much with Estella’s character in the future. They will probably end up writing her off the show and not even showing her again. Sad, but true.

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    I agree–she deserves it.It would also be a good way to bring back Rafe, but these current writers have no clue how to write for a gay character obviously

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     I’m sorry but I have to disagree.  While I think Estella has a hell of a lawsuit on her hands (false arrest, wrongful termination, discrimination to name but a few) – she was sort a bitch during Ashley’s pregnant.  In the past, most members of the staff at the Newman ranch could cook, clean and do Mrs. Newman’s hair.  Estella seemed to have a bit a bad attitude about her role in the house. So, it may be a better idea for Estella to sue Victor et al., get a huge settlement, and buy a ranch of her own.

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    Don’t think so! She was dedicated to Nikki, and was there forever. Seems to me Nikki would bring her back and secure her financial future forever. I totally understood why she didn’t like Ashley.

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