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    Y&R has a really bloated cast with too many characters who either aren’t being utilized or are being shoved down our throats. Here’s how I’d change the cast….

    I’d centre the action around core characters who really define Y&R’s identity: Nikki, Victor, Jill, Jack, Katherine, Paul, Nina, Lauren, Olivia, and Traci. These would be our “touchstone” characters and at least two of them would be on every day.

    Say goodbye to dead weight. Colin would be arrested and extradited to Australia, Genevieve, after getting her revenge, would skip town with the Atkinson fortune and head to Europe to start over. Cane would be deported to Australia. Upon learning of Neil and Sofia’s deceit, Malcolm would head to Asia on a photography assignment, vowing never to return unless he looks like Shemar Moore. Sam would stay in New Mexico after the truth about Sharon comes out. Much like with Britney Spears, a conservatorship would be placed upon Sharon by Doris after she’s declared mentally unfit, and Doris would take her daughter to California to recuperate. Nina would discover that Phyllis ran down Cricket and Paul all those years ago and bust Ginger Snaps, and Phyllis would be sent to prison. Daniel would head to New York City to pursue his art career. After committing some dirty deeds, Jeffrey would convince Gloria to skip town with him and head to a tropical island where they can’t be extradited. Tucker would seemingly recuperate but then suffer a massive brain hemorrhage related to the car accident and die, and his death would push Katherine off the wagon and make Devon a very rich man. If I had to write Michael out, he’d get arrested for murdering “Rebecca” in the 90s, and his betrayal would send Lauren into Jack’s arms. A terrible accident would claim Sofia’s life and Neil would be left raising their child on his own. Finally, Kevin would leave town to take a cushy IT job in Silicon Valley.

    Several roles would be recast. Victoria would leave town to see Reid and come back with a different face (ideally Heather Tom’s). Adam would spend some time in the slammer and return a changed man (hopefully one who looks like Chris Engen). Heather returns from visiting April (and is now played by Vail Bloom). A shell-shocked Chance looks like a whole new man when he returns from the war. If Jeff Branson won’t commit to Y&R, I’d recast Ronan. Abby gets a pass because Marcy Rylan has sort of grown on me, but she’d return from maternity leave playing a more mature Abby and not an annoying little brat. As for Lily, she should be recast but it’s not a top priority.

    Michael and Esther would be bumped down to recurring, joining Lauren, Nina, Olivia, Traci, Murphy, Deacon, and Rafe. Phillip would return on a recurring basis but he’d live in the Chancellor mansion and have an art studio in the city (they can use Thom Bierdz’s real paintings–cross promotion, y’all!). I’d also put Ashley on recurring because in my dream world Eileen Davidson would return to Days as Susan (and since Sony owns both soaps, maybe they’d let her recur as Ashley?).

    Noah would be bumped up to contract status and joined by a SORASed Kyle. Noah would come out as bi, whereas a deeply closeted Kyle would struggle with his crush on Noah. The young crowd would also be joined by Paul’s Latino son Ricky (on contract), Deacon’s son Eric (recurring) and an Asian-American girl named Suki (recurring).

    Roxy would also be bumped up to contract and joined by Nate Hastings. Devon, Roxy, and Nate would form a love triangle.

    With Colin gone, Jill would need a new love interest, so I’d recast Matt Miller (recurring), and he’d also turn out to be Nina’s father.

    Lauren’s son Scotty returns to Genoa City, as does Sheila’s real daughter, Mary Warwick. Mary would return in the wake of her grandmother Molly Carter’s death to meet with Lauren. Seems Mary found Sheila’s old yearbooks among Molly’s things and proves that Sarah Smythe wasn’t Sheila’s sister but rather her best friend. Ryder and Daisy are actually Sarah’s children with Tom Fisher—she just raised them as if they were Sheila’s because she was obsessed with Nurse Carter. Crazy Daisy would try to exact revenge on Mary for “stealing her identity”. Scotty would save Mary and Daisy would perish.

    And of course, Victoria Rowell returns as Drucilla!

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    1. Nikki
    2. Victor
    3. Jill
    4. Paul
    5. Katherine
    6. Jack
    7. Victoria
    8. Nick
    9. Adam
    10. Abby
    11. Noah
    12. Kyle
    13. Heather
    14. Billy
    15. Ronan
    16. Chance
    17. Chloe
    18. Lily
    19. Devon
    20. Roxy
    21. Nate
    22. Ricky
    23. Scotty
    24. Mary
    25. Drucilla

    1. Lauren
    2. Nina
    3. Olivia
    4. Traci
    5. Esther
    6. Michael
    7. Phillip
    8. Deacon
    9. Rafe
    10. Murphy
    11. Eric
    12. Suki
    13. Matt

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