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    Phick Split: Michelle Stafford delivered when her alter ego finally stood up to Nick and left him. Yeah, there was histronics, but this is a soap. What do people expect? Big Red is famous for tears, screaming, and even blaming everyone else but herself for the destruction of her marriage. These are the character-driven moments we want more of from Y&R!!!!

    The GC Tornado: Okay, I was afraid MAB was gonna give us her rendition of “Out Of The Ashes”, but I was suprised by how this played out. Lily was a usual dud during the scenes she and her infant twins were in the cabin and I was bored to tears. Luckily, JT’s electrocution, Adam saving baby Faith in the barn, and Cane and Blake’s fight delivered drama instead of relying on CGI effects.

    Leslie Michaelson: Played by Angell Conwell, this African-American attorney sizzles (loved her telling Adam she had to have the cash in hand before representing him) and I hope there’s more to come of her in 2011!!!

    NuDiane: Naysayers say what you will, but I’m diggin Maura West as Diane Jenkins. She is icy and conniving just like this vixen has always been. Also, the Y&R line of the year to me was: “Kyle is a well adjusted, happy boy! Because unlike your childen, he doesn’t have an ex-stripper, pill popping, alcoholic mother who bounces back and forth between husbands while he’s shipped off to boarding school!” Had me hollerin at the TV and that’s what soaps are suppose to make me do. Welcome to the show, Maura :)

    Villy: Billy and Victoria brought romance back to daytime and I love them. It’s time we had a viable supercouple to root for in Genoa City again unlike the toxic Niktor or Shick.

    Dikki: OMG these two could start a spin-off in “The Talk” timeslot because they are on fire. MAB and CO. better capitalize on this goldmine before it’s too late. MTS and SK sizzle in scenes, especially when they attempt to fight the sexual hemistry they share. I just pray the show invests in Deacon’s character so he can compete with Victor.

    The Kangaroo Court: I was drawn to the screen during these episodes and felt like Y&R was must-see then. Sharon lured Adam to the cabin, Jack and Victor subdued him, Phyllis arrived with Dr. Taylor’s letter, and the truth that Ashley miscarried was dramatically exposed. The Friday cliffhanger is a staple that soaps would be wise to return to because we’d definitely tune in if written like the Faith Maternity reveal.

    Murphy: This man always makes me smile or cry. Remember him talking to Kay about mortality? Those were great scenes! Someone at Y&R knows what they’re doing penning this supporting character.

    “The Women”: All of GC’s females stole the show during the estogen-filled episode where cattiness ensued at the spa due to Phyllis’s blog. I loved watching this, even though is was Emmy-bait :)


    Double Dopplegangers: This plot was campy and hokey all at once. Why in the hell was Sheila given a sister??? The Baldwin/Fishers should’ve been targeted by Shawn Garrett’s relatives (he drugged Danny and buried Lauen alive in the 80’s), not a unknown sibling of Y&R’s most overrated villainess. Stop bringing La Carter back in order to give Lauren a story, she functions fine as a sounding board and occasionally spoiled couture department store heiress. Also, The Patty/Emily switch was riveting until Sara Smythe came along and ruined everything. UGH!!!!

    Stacy Haiduk’s Exit: Losing this brillant actress was a huge blow to Y&R. Haiduk turned shit into sugar by making me care deeply for Patty and (gasp!) Emily. I wanted Dr. P to remain in town as everyone’s shrink. Imagine her delving into Victor or Phyllis’s psyches! I understand Patty had to go, but why Emily? Just goes to show they always get rid of the best characters (i.e. John Abbott, Bobby Marsino, Drucilla Winters, Mamie Johnson, Cassie Newman, Brad Carlton, etc.)

    The Brazil Arc: This summer we saw Adam return from the dead and resurface in Brazil. The story sounds compelling, but don’t be fooled. Fans were subjected to Victor, Sharon, and Jack parading around like telenovela caricatures engaging in a convoluted card game. And don’t even get me started on Skye!!! Lord have mercy, I didn’t know who she was and still half don’t. Why is she important? They can write for Laura Stone, but not a powerhouse like Victoria Rowell? Really? MAB and CO…you made that up. Take us out of Brazil and back to Genoa City please, I’d bored now.

    Ms. Sofia: Oh, take this sistah back to where she came from. Sofia doesn’t fit into the world of Y&R and sticks out badly. Leslie Michaelson knocked it out of the park while Malcolm’s BBW strikes out immensely.

    The MS voiceovers: I quit watching “Desperate Housewives” two years ago due to the dullness of their writing and don’t like the way Y&R is mimicking them. The secret is to show, not tell! The music also sounds SO cheesy that they play as Phyllis’s theme. Try again because this is an epic fail….

    Chance’s “Death”: I hated this story alot. I was confused and I bet so were others. Heather was initally the target and then Chance was??? They have sex, he confesses to Chloe, and all hell breaks loose though I can’t tell anything is going on the whole hour I’m tuned in because the actors appear as bored as I am. Luckily, Nina (played by the incomparable Tricia Cast) kept my interest and, surprisingly, so did Christine. Who would’ve guessed the formerly saccherine Cricket had morphed into a tough, Dept. Of Justice bitch on wheels? However, the two Y&R vets weren’t able to save this tale of police corruption involving crooked DAs, drugs sold in the correctional facilities, and faked deaths.

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