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    It shocks me up to this day that Y&R is still getting the positive feedback when it’s been unwatchable for me for several months. Let’s face it – aside from the Katherine/Marge storyline, has there been once successful storyline ever since?

    So what do you think, is MAB worse than the plague LML unleashed on the show, or is she better?

    For me, personally, Y&R situation is quite similar to AMC’s… just when you think it might get better with a new HW (McTavish/Esensten/Pratt) it only gets worse… Pretty much every single character on the show is being used as a puppet to drive plot. The last few months have been pure plot. So how come there is so much positivity left when things are only getting worse?

    The wreck that is Sheffer has completely turned this show around… hasn’t anyone noticed how weak the women are? Sharon is constantly being violated by the men in her life and she’s currently in the worst storyline yet… with Adam (the man who stole her baby) falling in love her. Phyllis is depending on Nick and his *tool* and is no longer the Phyllis we knew. Ashley has completely lost her mind and we all know what is going to happen once she learns Faith isn’t hers. Lauren is only propping the crime-family.

    And the storylines… River Baldwin? Kevin the Chipmunk? Mac the Mute? The Terroni? Adam the "blind-when-I-want-to-be" gaslighter? Colleen drowning only a couple of months after her father did the same way, and then letting her heart to the man that tried to destroy her just a few days ago? Adam using Sharon? Patty being destroyed only because the writers want their "shock of the month"? Another doppleganger story (Jeffrey Bardwell, Ines Vargas, Alistair Wallingford, Marge Cotrooke, Emily Peterson)?

    Sorry for getting so detailed… but I want to see change on this show. I still hate both LML’s version and Maria’s.

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     As someone who has watched both LML and MAB I will have to say that I think LML is BY FAR THE WORST!!!

    There has been some things that I don’t like that MAB has done (Kill Colleen, Victor heart transplant, Kill Brad, Backburnered the Winters, and these awful recasts) but I have to say LML’s Y&R was unrecognizable for this long time fan.  I would turn on the show and couldn’t even recognize what was going on.  She turned Jack Abbott into everybody in town’s number one enemy.  She killed John Abbott.  Made the show about Gloria Fisher Abbott.  That ridiculous Shiela Carter gets Phyliss Newman’s face.  She made Drucilla go crazy.  I could go on and on.

    My biggest problem with Y&R during LML’s tenure is that she didn’t remember the history of the show.  She came in and tried to change many things.  Nikki and Jack were good friends and she made the arch enemies over that Senate race.  She did that ridiculous rewrite of Cane being the "real" Philip Chancellor.  She made it seem as if Victor and Nikki had been married for 30 years when clearly they had been divorced and married several other people between the times of the first marriages.  You can’t ignore 30 plus years of history when you become a headwriter and that’s what LML did.

    MAB has had a bumpy couple of months but I can’t say she is worse than LML.  MAB at least respects the history of the show and it’s very recognizable to me when I tune in.  i don’t have people doing things out of character anymore, but I can understand peoples frustration.  

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    I know what you mean where LML is concerned. It’s just that everything on Y&R at the moment is so bad – they are using history but in a bad way – they make it seem as if they are respecting history when in fact they’re pissing over it.

    I just hate it that people are being blind to the obvious mistakes. Nothing adds up and every few months it feels like the story shifts so drastically and everyone is forced to go along with it.

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    I was so joyous when MAB took over. Things started falling into place. Stories made sense and characters were returning to themselves. Now I’m on the fence. The show is crap right now, but I’m still watching. Waiting….

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    MAB is WAY better than LML. I think that MAB is just letting all that praise she got earlier this year get to her head. She needs to stay humble and think logical when it comes to writing. And she needs to stop letting Scott & Hogan devise these stupid stories that don’t go with Y&R (any other soap, it would work but Y&R…NO!!). She needs to stick with the basics of what made YR a success and that is heavy business stories.

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    Hogan and Scott need to be fired, like, yesterday. Hamner only writes boring murder mysteries (hasn’t Y&R had enough death already?) and Hogan is just disrespectful to ALL women and using animals to promote story… Doesn’t anyone see the resemblence of his stints at ATWT and DAYS on Y&R… it is yet now when we see that he has the exact same pattern. Plus, having Rauch there is probably the main reason why we don’t see the Winters family.

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    I must say that MAB is much better than LML. I believe that she’s allowing Hogan and Scott Hamner to have too much influence on the recent storylines. I am a fan of Hogan but I think his storylines are way too far out and he doesn’t write well for African Americans at all. He destroyed the black characters on Days and As the World Turns. I am not a fan of Scott Hammner at all and he needs to be fired. I would like for Michelle Patrick to come over from GH and help MAB with writing for the Winters family. Please bring back Dru! Create a love interest for Devon or move the actor, Bryton James over to B&B and replace that damn Texas Battle. The character of Marcus is perfect for Bryton.

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    Hogan is trying to use the plot points that were successful on ATWT and trying to imply it to Y&R, but again it doesn’t work with YR b/c of all the soaps, Y&R has been the closest to reality. This show is driven with stories involving the work place and that is now what is happening. Maria A. Bell gets all the blame for what is going on with YR b/c she is the boss lady. If she can’t write a meaningful story then she needs to step down and let Jack F. Smith and Kay Alden come back and take the reigns. When they were in charge, the show was great. Plus those two are the closet things to writing like the great Bill Bell as they studied underneath him for nearly 3 decades.

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    they both suck. the only good thing about MAB is that Billy/Chloe are connected now forever & the Katherine/Marge s/l. they both suck though

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    Okay I only started watching Y&R when LmL was writing, and while the show might have had its down spots I LOVED it! I thought the show was pretty good anda it was enjyoable, but that all changed when MAB took over, then I actually thought that this show DESERVED to be the #1. rated show, but then something happened, and all the sudden things took a turn for the worst.

    I really believe this happened around the time that the role of Adam was recast, from that moment on the show slipped creatively and it really got boring, from Philip’s dreadful return, to almost every aspect of the show, there is nothing I look forward to watching anymore on Y&R and thats sad, hopefully it will improve, but for now I have tuned out.

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    Jonathon, I have tuned out too. I couldn’t carry on watching this when there is so much I actively dislike (e.g. the Mac/Lily/Cane snoreyline, Sharon mixing it up with Adam, Ashley will probably crack up again… what joy!). Having said that LML was worse IMO, and MAB had been doing a great job at "cleaning up" after her. It seems like once MAB’s Y&R was focused on just creating new storylines (not tidying up/going back to old ones), they often fell flat (that frikkin’ chipmonk, etc.)…

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    Maybe MAB just needs to finish letting her other head writers run amock for a few more weeks, fire them all, and then start cleaning up all of those messes? LOL.

    I completely agree, it really seems like all MAB is good at is cleaning up messes, when it comes down to telling original storylines she just starts watching old LML tapes and BAM we get ART storylines!……shoot me now please.

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