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    Anyone else out there not digging all the new music? I don’t like that the new regime has all but scrapped the old scores that stood out as part of Y&R’s signature. I was watching the other day thinking, this show feels nothing like Y&R. Lots of new sets, lots of new characters and now lots of new music are making me think Jill has that hatchet in her hand and not the scalpel. Someone needs to reign her in. Some changes were necessary but they were mostly in the writing. Which by the way is still not to par. They have better ideas but the execution of many of these stories are rushed or not tied to anything. What was Noah’s storyline born from? It’s just a, “going no where idea”, that they pulled out of their arse. JG should be writing from history and not plot. They need to address things in steps and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I’m all for new music as long as it enhances and improves on what was there. I have heard some good stuff but it’s mostly forgettable. Show is in the territory of being, unfamiliar. Not a good place to be when your trying to survive. I’m baffled decades later how some regimes still have not learned from their mistakes. I think the fans could write these shows better.

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