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    The issue of using MTS over her guarantees could all be solved if the Y&R went back to the model with the entire cast that was used through out the 90’s and ended when LML came on board. That model worked like this:

    The actors whom were on contract were rotated in and out of use as either the central or supporting player on a monthly basis.

    Here is an example, but it was never done directly in the order of the dates but based on a more 30 time day period at any given time.

    Characters: Nikki/Victor/Jack/Diane

    Week 1
    Nikki: M/T/Thu/F
    Victor: M/T/Thu/F
    Jack: M/W/F
    Diane: M/T/F

    Week 2

    Nikki: M/W/F
    Victor: M/T/F
    Jack: T/W/Thu
    Diane: M/F

    Week 3

    Nikki: Thu/F
    Victor: M/F
    Jack: M/T/W/F
    Diane: T/W/Thu/F

    Week 4: D Storyline
    Nikki: W
    Victor: W
    Jack: no days.
    Diane: no days.

    Then you would reset the clock a different way. So as you see Jack, Nikki and Victor are on-air 10 days a month and Diane 9 and the storylines were written around that. So you didn’t overuse the characters and the audience anticipated seeing them on air. When they were played their heaviest during the month it was mainly a focus on their storyline ( s ) and at times back and forth between them supporting other characters and dealing with their own dramas. So if there were about an average of 20 or so episodes in a 30 day period the actors weren’t played more then that until it was say Sweeps Month when their storyline ( s ) were coming to a climax. And when the summertime came around and the focus on the younger characters you could play vets less while the actors went on vacation and did other things to allow for time to progress in building up a storyline slowly so that when the fall came around you would go back to your normal pattern with these actor/characters.

    Just to add a little more when you would read SOD and the soap recaps you would see one week Dru/Neil/Olivia/Malcolm dominating the week with their storylines being central. The next week they would maybe be seen one or two times and the next week not at all. Then on week 4 back to seeing them again dominating the week. So this also worked as well.

    I could see a return to this model so we don’t end up running over actors who command a lot of money guarantees.

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