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    William J Bell: You have to have darn good characters that people like, admire, can relate to or hate; but feel some kind of emotion about and you have to have interesting stories with a heartbeat to them stories [viewers] can relate too, escape with, and learn from in terms of social issues. I’m a strong believer that we’re here to do more than entertain, that we’re here to impact on the lives of our audience.

    There is a reason I posted that. Since the hoopla surrounding the 40th celebration, I have found Y&R to be dreadfully boring. With the exception of the Lauren/Michael/Carmine saga and the Kyle/Summer story nothing is really holding my interest. Even the a for mentioned stories are in jeopardy with the upcoming recast of Kyle and L/M/C being featured sporadically. Katherine’s story has potential but even that is being squandered and now with Jeanne out indefinitely who knows how that will impact the future of this tale. IMO Josh misses too many crucial story beats. Why was the audience not a fly on the wall when Katherine was told she had a tumor? Why take the journey if you’re going to give the prognosis off camera? Where is her family in all of this? I don’t get a sense there is a real commitment to tell a truthful story. It feels a bit sloppy in its execution. Then there is Kevin and Chloe. It seems the writers have no clue what to do with these two and keep sticking them in ridiculous stories. What is the motivation for stealing from Katherine who has done anything and everything for these two ding dongs in the past? At this point I say get rid of them. The cast is still extremely large and the show is not balanced as a result. Tyler/Lily don’t interest me either because the whole set up is forced. Ditto Dylan with anyone. Also I can’t believe I am about to say this but I found Adam/Sharon more interesting the way MAB was writing them. The complexities of their relationship have been watered down. These characters have a toxic relationship. He stole her baby and she chose him over Faith. There has to be a way the writers could be playing on their history that doesn’t make them so normal and boring. Frankly, I feel a lot of the relationships that have been defined going back to the Bill Bell days no longer produce the fire and drama they once did (Nikki/Sharon, Jack/Victor, Phyllis/Sharon). The residents of Genoa City have almost become too aware of each others intentions and it’s taking away from the drama and suspense the show once did so well.

    If Josh wants to tell social issues like Jack’s pill addiction, the cyber bully story and now Kay’s brain tumor then tell a frigging social issue story that has that heartbeat Bell spoke of and inform your audience. Don’t go to a commercial break and come back with the audience realizing important parts of the story are being avoided to keep the pace at break neck speeds. Kay’s story should be impacting everyone. Jill, Esther, Brock, Nikki, Victor, Murphy…instead most of her scenes have only involved Cane and neither Victor/Nikki/Esther/Murphy have had the screen time with Katherine that this story needs to resonate. There is no organic drama. In general I feel the show moves too fast and I’m being cheated out of that intimate experience I watch soaps for.

    I would love for the show to bring back Kay or Jack to co-HW. They know how to weave stories in the manner which we had become accustomed too. Josh has a better sensibility of what Y&R should be but his stories need to engage better and be featured in a more balanced way. His stories are mostly smoke and no fire.

    As for Jill, she needs to address the music. There are a few new tracks I like but overall it is butt ass boring and doing nothing to drive the story in more interesting ways. She also needs to trim the cast. For everyone that got fired post MAB she replaced them with her and Josh’s own creations. This team is the most talented of the regimes since Bells handpicked people were axed but they are not of the caliber that Kay/Jack/Ed Scott/David Shaugnessy were.

    Just my beef. At this rate I won’t be watching much longer. I often feel the Y&R I loved died a long time ago. The last 7 years have been a knock off version of a stellar show.

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