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    There is apparently rumors going around that Eden Reigel (Heather Stevens) is leaving Y&R. Looks like Y&R is really trimming it’s cast down. John Driscoll (Chance) is leaving and now Eden. Anyone else have any other information regarding this rumor!?

    Oh and BTW, if it’s true, THANK GOD!

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    I like her as an actress but she just didn’t fit the part.

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    I admit that I REALLY hope she’s leaving. If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a TRILLION times: Not ALL actors are a good fit for all roles. Eden portraying a character who was ORIGINALLY intended to be a villainess sexpot is about as believable for me as Eric Braeden going over to AMC to play a Joe Martin recast!!! Great actor, but what the FREAK?????

    With that being said, I don’t necessarily want to see her get a free ride to go back to AMC to reclaim her role as Bianca either. I am actually starting to LIKE Christina Lind, and she did VOLUNTARILY basically tell JHC to go to hell when they practically rolled out the red carpet for her to return to that show. In all honesty, I think she should have taken them up on that offer when she had the chance. Yeah, she had a mountain full of hope and great expectations, but something in my bones told me that she wasn’t gonna be a good fit for this part.

    If she IS leaving this show, I wish her well in her future projects. I still find her to be a tremendous actress, but I hope the show does it’s HOMEWORK and finds a SUITABLE Heather recast, if and when they decide to do so. And stay away from the FLY BY NIGHT stunt casts, MB!!!! Wait a second, I forgot who I was talking to.

    Never mind…… you were……………(realizes my plea will fall on deaf ears! :tired: :tired: )

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    I am just starting to like Eden as Heather so I hope they aren’t getting rid of her. It took me some time but she is finally jellying. I think once this awful Chance storyline is over we will get to see Heather in a better storyline

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]PLEASE leave!! There is nothing likable about this ugly broad. I find her take on Heather to be disgusting. If Vail Bloom were still in the role, I’d be rooting for her. But this mousy, meek version of Heather is laughable and disgusting. I hope she’s out. Maybe they can bring Vail Bloom back in the future, although she’d be smart to turn them down after being unceremoniously fired and replaced with this Eden chick.[/quote]

    If I’m not mistaken, it was Vail’s decision to leave Y&R as she had some other outside projects that she wanted to do that Y&R scheduling was not going to allow her to do those outside projects. Can anyone verify this story?

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    The truth is that Vail Bloom was by no means a FANTASTIC actress, but she fit the role pretty effectively. She was also limited in her range and ability to be versatile. She was great at playing the uberbitch and at exuding sex appeal, but I felt that she struggled with heavy-duty dramatic material. I certainly wouldn’t put her in the same company as Erika Slezak or Meryl Streep, in terms of her acting chops, but to each his or her own. Some people may have found her to be an exceptional talent. I am simply not one of them.

    Honestly, if she did voluntarily leave the role, which I SERIOUSLY doubt, I doubt she’d want to come back anytime soon. And if she was fired, then the option of her coming back would probably not even be on the table. The chick who plays Skye would have made a great Heather recast.

    Normally, I would recommend looking at all the dozens of unemployed actresses from daytime’s past in the mid to late 20-something range, but I can’t think of anyone from ATWT or GL, or any of the other defunct soaps, who I could see as a suitable NuHeather. I am sure they can do an open casting call and find HUNDREDS of girls who could convincingly play this role.

    I think that Kate Cassidy from the “new” Melrose Place (which sadly got cancelled) would have made a great Heather recast also, but I doubt she’d be willing to take a job on a soap opera. Besides, she’s gonna be on the upcoming season of “Gossip Girl.”

    Nevertheless, if Eden does decide to leave this role, I say—-BETTER LUCK ELSEWHERE, HONEY!!!!!!!

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    I hope this is true. Y&R wanted to get the fans and the press to nut in their panty drawers for this “get”. I knew this would not work b/c of the fact that Eden phoned in her performances after her original run on AMC. Vail started off rocky, but grew and she played the part well. People were acting like there wasn’t a character when Vail was in the part and magically Eden would give Heather “depth” and what not. Heather was the uptight sexy bitchy Barbie doll lawyer. While I never said it was a character of complex, it was still a character and all that was thrown to the side when they got Eden. And now what do we have? EXACTLY. No big loss for the show and she’s better off focusing on that comedy thing she’s doing.

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    I doubt it. Look how long the TPTB kept Clementine Ford? I say they will give her a year and if she doesn’t click “buh-bye”. I don’t know how they will make her enjoyable. Half of the time she is really annoying and the other half she is boring. She doesn’t come across as having a real charismatic personality on screen and she is not sexy by any stretch of the imagination. I think the writers really missed the mark on this one. If I was a writer, I would just make her a straight up bitch and not try to make her real rootable. Make her like the original version of Jill (aka Ms. Snob).

    I never understood what was so great about Eden Rigel. She really didn’t do a lot for me on AMC. I think this would be such a good storyline if Vail Bloom was on it (and I heard she did leave on her own terms because they delayed the storyline for her according to John Driscoll). The fight scenes between VB and EH would be great (could you imagine those two as lovers on AMC….I bet there would be some good chemistry between the two).

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    Count me in as also hoping this is true! From day one to current day, Eden has been completely miscast for this part. I personally think she is overrated, but I respect that there are a lot of people out there who think she is the second coming of Erica Slezak, but tha doesn’t mean that either of them are right for every role. Vail was not the greatest actress to hit Genoa City, but as a uptight yet sexpot lawyer, she was pretty good.

    A perfect example of how Eden was wrong for this part is in the way she is playing the Chance stuff. She is 100% the preying villain in that she went after a man who was engaged (aside from his part). But Eden plays it (and it is also partly the writers fault even though I think they are playing to Eden’s strengths) as if Chloe is somehow the bad guy. As boring as Chance is, seeing Vail play this would have been far more entertaining and with all do respect, more convincing. Her going up against EH would have been good soap, because her Heather would have played it like “yeah I slept with your man, so what!” Even if Eden says things like this, its not convincing, and that is why she is absolutely wrong for this part.

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    I hope she is leaving. What about Erin Hershey Presley in the role? What is she doing now?
    Now if only they would get rid of Jana, JT, and Mac. All the soaps could use some cost-cutting measures, ones that actually make sense. Put some of the background characters or ones that haven’t had a storyline in a hundred years on recurring and trim the fat. There’s no reason to keep hiring people like Eden Riegel for what I would consider unimportant roles. I had never even heard of Heather Stevens until Vail Bloom came along. Don’t particularly care now either.

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    There are dozens of people on Y&R who should be fired: Tucker, Abby, Daniel, Victoria, Cane, Lily, and that’s just off the top of my head!

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    In case you haven’t noticed Tucker, Abby and Jack are in a dispute against Victor at the present time. As for Victoria she is one of the main characters due to being Victor’s daughter. Cane and Lily are in the other core family’s of the show and are right now in a front burner story. So NONE of these can leave where they are at in the show at present. They could have Jana, Mac, and Daniel (he could leave on a photo shoot somewhere for an extended stay). All the latter could leave without disrupting the story to much!!!!!

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    Get rid of the naked heiress??? And Michael Graz??? The only piece of decent man candy under the age of 35 that this show has???? Surely, you jest?????? LOL!!! ;) ;) ;) ;)

    Victoria Newman (the CHARACTER), in my opinion, doesn’t need to go anywhere, what with her being the daughter of the show’s biggest male star and a core character, but the ACTRESS???? Yeah, I have been down this road so many times before I can literally no longer bear to beat this dead horse again. I will NEVER understand why AH still has a stable job in daytime, while soooo many other better actresses from defunct shows will probably never be able to work in daytime again.

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    I agree Memal. I think Daniel could leave without much fanfare. His character doesn’t have much of a storyline anymore since Amber left, although him with Abby has been sort of so-so. But, I just don’t see the idiotic writers/producers getting rid of the dead weight. If anything, IF they get rid of people, it’ll be another veteran like Brad. They just don’t give a fig about common sense on soaps.

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    It’s very easy to get rid of any character. Tucker could easly be killed off and Ashley could carry on the lame bribery storyline by herself. Abby and Victoria need to be recast, STAT. And this is the perfect time to have Cane deported to Australia and have Lily go with him.

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    I agree, AlistairCrane, although I would always keep Jill, Katherine, Jack, Ashley, Victor, and Neil. Those characters are the senior cast members and are integral to the show (although with Neil the writers apparently don’t know it).

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    I’d add Nikki and Paul to your list (and recurring characters like Nina, Olivia, Traci, and Cricket). Even though this show is called the YOUNG and the Restless, they certainly haven’t done a good job of making us care about the younger set. And frankly, they seem to enjoy killing off young legacy characters like Colleen!

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    Oh yeah. I forgot about the people you mentioned.

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    Great. I always thought Eden Riegel would’ve been a great Mac recast, but NOT Heather. And Heather is totally unlikeable to me now…almost as unlikeable as Chance.

    Now that those two are GONERS….can we add Mac, Jeffrey, Gloria, JT, and Meggie to the list of goners?

    And while I’m on Meggie..why is she on Y&R? I mean I think I could like the storyline once the ball gets rolling, but if TPTB were going for Victor/Nikki angst, why not bring back Leanna Love, or Lorie Brooks…lets delve into some history, not just a random woman victor runs into at a bar…

    Mac and JT are boring for me, simply because this version of Mac is boring. I don’t want to get rid of JT, but as long as he’s with her and he’s this straight and narrow type of character…it’s just blah. Bring back Brittany, hook her back up with JT (or bring back Bobby)…and let the sparks fly.

    As for Gloria, I don’t dislike her but her character has run its course for me. They are just creating situations to put her in just to give Judith CHapman a little screentime, and it’s unfortunate. But Y&R already has too much going on, and Gloria isn’t a good fit now that John is dead :(

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    Getting rid of JT???? From your lips to the writers’ pens!!! JT is currently my LEAST favorite Y&R character; self-righteous, watered-down jackass!!!! Let him and his “Stepford robot,” Mac take the FIRST plane to Haiti, or ANY impoverished or underserved country or area of the world, never to darken the doors of Genoa City again, unless they happen to develop LIKABLE and interesting personalities, which is a MAJOR “IF,” considering who the current head writer of Y&R is!!!!

    And Gloria?? I admit that I like Gloria, as well as Judith Chapman, who I have coined as “the Brenda Dickson of the 2000s,” with her over-the-top line deliveries and campiness. Jeffrey???? Can do without him.

    Catwoman….aka Meggie?? I kinda find her to be intriguing for some reason, although I detest Sean Young.

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    Eh, I could do without Gloria. She and Jeffrey could leave to travel around the world and I wouldn’t bat an eye. They aren’t really essential to the history of the show, and frankly they get on my nerves.
    What irks me is the stunt casting. They whine and cry about how little their budgets are after getting rid of veterans, yet hire all these people, whose salaries would easily add up to the veterans’ salary.
    And that all goes back to Eden Riegel taking over the role of Heather. They had absolutely nothing in mind with that role other than hiring a well-known soap actress. The casting people suck on this show it’s not even funny. Good soap actors, wrong roles. I certainly hope Maura West is good in the role of Diane.

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    JT and Mac have been fired and will be written out this fall. It was reported by Nelson Branco last week.

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    Marcy Ryan would have been a better Heather, but I still would not want her in that role. Personally, I am not a fan of Marcy Ryan’s acting style. It is too much like Judith Chapman’s acting style which I can only take in small doses. They both bug their eyes out way too much.

    Gloria should be reduced to recurring and they should get rid of Jeff. Daniel needs to go because he has been written poorly, post-Lily. I would also like to see Abby go because this naked heiress storyline is just dumb and as I said before, not a big fan of MR. I would keep JT because he has so much history on the show. Mac should be killed off because every new version of her gets worse, although, I wouldn’t mind if Rachel Kimesay came back to play Mac. Her version of Mac, actually, had some form of a personality. Eden Riegel would have been a decent Mac. That seems to be the type of character she plays the best. I really wish they would recast Lily. She needed to be recasted about three years ago. I think Maura West will be okay as Diane. She looks nothing like her, but I think her acting style will work well with the character. Y&R hires really good actors, but puts them in the worst roles possible I have noticed.

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    Marcy Rylan is awful. It wouldn’t matter what role she was playing. Her and Eden’s casting are definitely Y&R’s biggest phuck-ups of 2010, although they may soon be joined by Maura West…

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    The fact that just about every character on the current Y&R canvas has been suggested for dismissal in this thread suggests that the problem is not with the actors but with the producers and writers.

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    You are CERTAINLY not alone in your observation. I recall many DC posters saying the same thing when the news broke that she’d be playing Abby. Even I rolled my eyes with disgust and had my own “WHAT THE FREAK???” moment. I am certainly not championing Marcy as the best thing since peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but I am starting to think that they could walk into any open casting call, find any “brunetteish” girl with a sultry voice and throw her into the mix and she’d be more convincing than Eden is currently.

    Besides, Marcy Rylan seems best suited for playing annoying and grating characters, and that describes Heather to a tee. I have also commented a few times that the actress who plays Skye would have been a great Heather recast. But this industry is fulla “what ifs,” and wondering what COULD/SHOULDA been don’t stop the “ish” from smelling up the screen, that’s for sure!!!!

    And I will NEVER understand why the producers can’t or WON’T find a decent actress to play Mac, or why they can’t just give her a SMALL dose of personality. But it’s neither here nor there, considering the fact that JT and Mac are reportedly going to walk into the sunset together in the fall (the characters are being shipped off!). And as far as I’m concerned, it can’t happen soon enough to satisfy me. Good riddance, and please don’t bother to leave a forwarding address.

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    I’ll have to admit I didn’t like Marcy when she first showed up on GL. She grew into the role and made the character hers. I like her as Abby but the writing is atrocious for her. She’s too old, I think, for the character. I think it’s the way she stands up to EB that makes me like her so much, but I just think she’s better suited for Heather. I will say she’s much better than the previous actress that played Abby.

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    Thank goodness, boring and Eden just seemed to read lines, the character of Heather has not been good casting on Y&R’s part, Vail was a better Heather and I liked her AMC character better. Here is my wishful casting, Teri C. from ATWT as Heather, she could act anything and she is blonde aka like April and Paul. Love to see her and Chole to lock horns. The actress playing Skye is awesome, Y&R needs to keep her and give her more depth. Would it not be fun if she was a Lori and Lance’s daughter just like her mom Lori, bitchy!! :) Y&R could then use true history. I hoping against hope that Y&R truly gets its crap together because now I won’t have any soaps to watch. I do watch Y&R usually a couple of times a week.

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    Beth Ehlers anyone??
    But I love Marcy as Abby! No one can actually believe she’s not 100% better than the previous “actress”
    Yes I would love to see Teri C there, but not as Heather.
    Actually Peggy Brooks has it right! Stop and think about all we have complained about for the past year! Yes there are some bad actors, BUT, with better writing we could still be singing our praises for Y&R again.

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    I really disliked the previous Abby, but she was actually 100% better than Marcy Rylan. Ugh. Another case of “be careful what you wish for”…

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    [quote=harlee490]Thank goodness, boring and Eden just seemed to read lines, the character of Heather has not been good casting on Y&R’s part, Vail was a better Heather and I liked her AMC character better. Here is my wishful casting, Teri C. from ATWT as Heather, she could act anything and she is blonde aka like April and Paul. Love to see her and Chole to lock horns. The actress playing Skye is awesome, Y&R needs to keep her and give her more depth. Would it not be fun if she was a Lori and Lance’s daughter just like her mom Lori, bitchy!! :) Y&R could then use true history. I hoping against hope that Y&R truly gets its crap together because now I won’t have any soaps to watch. I do watch Y&R usually a couple of times a week.[/quote]

    The rumor going around is that Skye will end turn out to be Meggie’s daughter, which unfortunately would keep Sean Young around……………..which I’m not too thrilled about.

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    OMG I so hope it’s true! I cannot stand her and have to remind myself constantly who she is supposed to be!

    I don’t get ER, she took a character who is strong, highly intelligent, not afraid of her own sexuality, in Victor face no less and made her a dumb, snivelling, needy, whining character!

    Who in their right mind does that!

    Is she a one note actress?


    Marcy Ryland was the best casting they have done in forever. Now acting coaches and teachers would co-sign her. She was wonderful when I was watching and she came in from day 1 and owned the role. She has talent unlike a certain male actor that show…whom shall remain nameless. ;)

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    Marcy Rylan has no talent. She’s shrill, annoying, and totally miscast. She’s a blonde bimbo with a capital B!

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    Alistair Crane, you mean there is a GOD? This is in reference to firing MAC>

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