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    Well it looks like Jamey’s blind item was right on the money! According to Haiduk’s contract is not being picked up. She is being let go. They are trying to get fans to rally around and write and email CBS to get her contract renewed.

    Go to for more details.

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    In the words of Florida Evans: damn, damn, damn, damn…

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    I am not THAT broken up about this. I think that Stacy Haiduk is a great actress, but I was growing tired of both “PattyCake” and Emily. Emily is nothing but a poorly-developed character that the writers created to justify that doppleganger foolishness, and as soon as Patty killed Colleen (even though I wasn’t a huge Colleen fan!) I was finished with her. Maybe Stacy Haiduk can go out there and get a REAL job now….one that won’t make a mockery of her talents.

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    Did anyone see Jamey’s tweet last night! If not here is what it said..

    “I hear one of this weekend’s daytime casting shockers may not be set in stone…”

    I think Stacy Hadick might be safe….do you think he is referring to her?

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