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    Word is out on twitter that Stacy Haiduk is back at Y&R taping scenes that will ultimately lead to the fact that Patty Williams murdered Diane Jenkins! The question is, will Patty bring anyone else down with her!? And could Dr. Peterson (also Stacy Haiduk) also return as well?

    Stay tuned for more juicy deets!

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    Also returning is John Driscoll as Chance! He has not begun taping yet and I’m going to safely assume that his return is slated for around Christmas.

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    As if we all said from the moment Diane was murdered that it would lead to Patty. It’s just lame! And it’s said if MAB brings her back like that.
    I loved Stacy Haiduk as Patty and would have love to see her return in another – bigger – and better written storyline.

    Don’t see Doc Peterson return since she wasn’t favored by the fans and was poorly written on MAB’s part. And … wasn’t Y&R forbidden to give us another doppelganger for the next years (or should I say to the day it’s been officially canceled by CBS)???

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    This really pisses me off, because it would have been the perfect way to have gotten rid of Genevieve. Now If Patty did it, we might be stuck with her. I was so hoping Genevieve did it!

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    I have a feeling that Patty Williams is Genevieve’s Maid Myra

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    I’ve thought from the beginning that Patty is the only one on the show who hated Diane enough to bash her head in 10x. She’s the only one who truly made sense from most aspects of the storyline presented.

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    Soooooooo tireddddddddd of rehashing plots. My prediction of Adam being back at Newman finally came true. Victor was evil when he began on the show. He changed over time and so can Adam.

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    Never! Well on second thought maybe if he were to go into a coma and his Mama were to give him a good talkin to !!!
    I just find it hard to believe that they have written that wonderful womans son like this!

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