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    Let me get this straight…Phyllis, Nick, Lauren, Michael, Murphey, Heather, Kevin, Janna and last but not least KATHERINE are going trash dump diving?

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    Yep!  I thought it was hilarious! And Tucker and Jill are damn hot together!  Wait till you see who Daniels’ new roomamate is!

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    If I ever need to search a dump I want Eden on my team…Damn that girl found that bag fast!

    It’s an almost Christmas miracle!

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    Loved the dumpster scenes, loved how Phyllis got choked up by everyone’s involvement, loved Heather showing up, AND I really like Jill and Tucker! Jill hasn’t had a worthy love interest since she was married to John Abbott.

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     OMG did you guys see the previews? I can’t wait to hear what Mel and Jillian have to say about Nick’s bright yellow sweater vest! 

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    How does a cell phone stay charged for 5-6 months? Why would anyone in their right mind go to the dump at night? Who were they hiding from?

    Somebody needs to be taken out behind the woodshed for a horse whipping for letting Katherine in the garbage dump.

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    It was pitiful from start to finish. After 6 months realy, they think we are stupid and we might be, we are watching after all!

    I think I should change my phone the battery died after 1 week, where can I buy the ones that stays charge for 6 month?

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