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    Y&R is my favorite soap.  Everyone and their mothers know this by now.  I grew up on Y&R and have been watching for over 20 years.  I haven’t seen Y&R in this bad of a shape since the LML days.  During much of her tenure I was left scratching my head wondering where did the soap I grew up loving go to.  Characters were unrecognizable and the storylines were a mess.  I’ve now gotten to that point with Y&R again.  I am looking at these storylines and I don’t like the state of Y&R.  Something needs to be done to fix this show.  Here’s what I would do.

    -Get rid of Patty and Dr. Emily…I love Stacy Hadiuk as an actress but the characters need to go.  Patty has become a joke and Dr. Emily is a someone that I don’t care about.
    -Get rid of Sarah aka Mama Bear, Daisy, and Ryder…I don’t like any of these characters.  Enough with the Shiela nonsense.  One of my major problems with the whole Shiela stuff is Y&R has forgot that Lauren wasn’t scared of Shiela.  Lauren coexisted with Shiela in LA for years.  Let’s let Shiela and her family rest in peace and get Lauren and Michael involved in something else.
    -Recast important core characters…Mackenzie and Victoria are two to start with.  These characters need to be played by better actresses.  I can’t say it enough.  Ashley Bashioum and Heather Tom where pheneominal in these roles and to see these roles now just makes me shake my head any day they are on screen.
    -Diversity.  Y&R was known for having a diverse canvas.  Neil needs a story that doesn’t involve him catering to Lily.  He needs his on love story or he needs to be put in a powerful position like Jack or Victor heading his own company.  Use Olivia more.  You have her so use her and that goes for Devon.  Find a direction for this character.  Mix him up with the other young adults.  He doesn’t need to be just with the "black" characters.
    -Nikki/Victor are Y&R’s money couple.  I would put them in a triangle with Jack again.  Have Jack and Victor fighting for the love of Nikki.  Jack/Nikki/Victor was a BIG triangle…well quad because Ashley was in the mix for Y&R.  I would replace the Ashley companent with Phyllis.  Mix in Phyllis with this.  She could try and get Jack back after her divorce from Nick.  A Phyllis/Jack/Nikki/Victor quad could be epic!  I would put SHICK back together where they need to be.
    -Finally I would get back to the board room.  Newman vs Jabot.  Get these folks back to work!

    What are your ideas for fixing Y&R?

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    Bring back Alex Donnelly as Diane with Kyle played by Drew Garrett. Also , Crciket needs to come back to town and play a triangle with Paul,and Nina. Nikki and Victor needs to be on the front burner. Ashely  should be pared with Tucker. Recast  Victoria and Mac ! Drucilla and Olivia needs to b placed on contract and given a powerful story. Fire stacy Haiduk, Emily O’brien,  and Yvonne Zima. Wilson Bethel should be paired with Marcy Rylan.

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    If I were Head Writer of Y&R, I’d wrap up all the campy plots with a bang while planting the seeds for more slow burning, character driven stories. Nick would face charges reminiscent to the Matt Clark days when he goes on trial. However, Michael is so preoccupied with "Lauren" the attorney makes terrible errors and Nick is sentenced to death. The Newmans are devastated while Jack actually makes an overture to Victor that he will do whatever it takes to save Nick’s life. Sharon takes a drive out of Genoa City after she and Nick confess their undying love to one another at the prison, with Phyllis overhearing, when she begins receiving strange calls. Meanwhile, Nikki gets drunk the night before the execution as Victoria admits to Billy she loves him. Nck meets a fellow inmate who knew Adam and informs the Newman heir how his evil half-brother spurned tales of different ways he planned to destroy the Newman family upon his release. Sharon later finds herself in a Kansas motel room when she receives the shock of a lifetime…."Hello, Sharon." IT’S ADAM!!!!! The villian explains he faked his death by inviting the guy he donated bone marrow to for the Policeman’s Ball that night where the gentlemen was murdered during a struggle with Rafe Torres. Billy, Phyllis, and Victoria are investigating when they find proof of the same thing except not knowing Adam set up Nick. Nick is prepared for death by lethal injection just as Rafe holds the trio hostage in his apartment. Adam prepares to rape Sharon though luckily she fights him off and escapes out into the open road. Both are hit by a car, Phyllis is stabbed in a struggle with Rafe, and Heather enters the prison telling what she knows about the night Adam was "murdered" leading to Nick’s acquittal. Nick and Phyllis decide to end their marriage as he decides to reunite with Sharon; Phyllis plots a devious divorce strategy where she goes head to head with Victor for a seat on the Newman board listening to advice from Jill. On the Abbott front, "Emily" continues to play Jack for a fool not knowing Ashley has overheard her confess her true identity. Ashley goes to Jack with the news and he starts to put the pieces together. Jack goes to visit a comatose Phyllis which enrages Patty. The demented vixen creeps into her rival’s room shocking the audience by almost pulling he plug. Turns out, hospital security is present in the room where Jack and Emily enter the room giving a Patty a verbal lashing for keeping them apart and she is recommitted. Paul hears the news and is floored that Emily was telling him the truth the entire time. The Abbotts return home where there is awkwardness in the air when the shrink admits the idea of her husband not being able to tell her apart from another woman bothers her leading to her moving into the GCAC until she and Jack can get their marriage back on track. Emily is having dinner one night when Paul sits down at her table wanting to apologize and the two notice the forbidden chemistry they share when Jack enters the dining room. In the Baldwin home, choas runs amok when Gloria wins a featured spot on "Whacked Out Clans", a reality show on dysfunctional families and camera crews invade Crimson Lights, Michael’s apartment and office, and Lauren’s boutique. Sarah bumps heads with Glo at this point, who, along with Jeffery, notices something isn’t right. The two follow "Lauren" to the abandoned zoo where they learn that Sarah Smythe is posing as Lauren with the rest of the ridiculous plot. Kevin and Michael refuse to believe the story until Jeffrey reveals the camera crew caught a video of the conversation and aired it live. Michael waits until his wife returns where he immeidately confronts her. Sarah knocks him out and flees with a frightened Fen to the Abbott Mansion hoping to rob the home because of information she got from Patty. Billy and Victoria are canoodling when they are met by a psychotic "Lauren" holding a gun. Billy overpowers her until Daisy ad Ryder arrive desperate to save their aunt. Ryder is shot in the midst of the struggle pleading for Kevin to forgive him as he dies while Daisy and Sarah flee. Lauren, Michael, Jana, and Kevin reunite while Daisy is electrocuted in a freak accident and Sarah is taken to the sanitarium where she and Patty are neighbors facing dual lobotomies never to be seen again though Paul continues to mention his sister every once in a while. Lauren and Emily do share a series of scenes together given their husbands hard time for not knowing them from their dopplegangers in a twist of reality for this soap. As for the Chancellors, Kay continues her push/pull relationship with Tucker and the mogul tries his best to woo Ashley. Neil decides to fight fire with fire and buys controlling interest of Jabot out from under Tucker. Jack begins pressuring Neil to sell him the Abbott company, but Neil refuses until he finds Ashley kissing his romantic rival. He then goes to Jack and asks for his help in convince Ashley to marry him. Ashley, however, admits to Traci that she loves Neil but does not have the same passion for him she has for Tucker. Malcolm then meets with his fiancee who reveals her connection to the Winters…she was Neil’s high-school sweetheart, Simone Jamison, and she had his son, Marcus, while Neil was in college. You see, ADDICTIVE YET SENSIBLE STORYLINES AND NOTICE…HARDLY NO VICTOR!!!! What a concept. 

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    Not sure if I’d really want to see any of this happen but I can say for sure that it sounds a whole heck of a lot better than what Y&R has been giving us lately.

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    What exactly do you not like? 

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    Two words: Victoria Rowell!!!! Wanna free up your budget??? Fire that damned Yvonne Zima, get rid of Pattycake AND Emily (sorry, Stacy Haiduk, but it seems as though BOTH of your characters have run their course!!) You’ll be missed, but enough is enough.

    Recast Clementine Ford. Don’t think you can find a better actress??? Go to ANY open casting call, close your eyes, spin around twice and point your finger. Whoever you are pointing at after you regain your balance is BOUND to be ten times better than Clementine is!!!!!

    The same could be said for Yvonne Zima, but I would NEVER recommend recasting such a hopelessly expendable character/waste of paper!! Save the trees, people. STOP writing for these useless characters!!!!! I can deal with Ryder. He’s Kevin’s bro, and being played by a DECENT actor. Sheila 3.0/ Lauren 2.0/Mama Bear needs to go also!! I know that Tracey Bregman is having a ball and enjoying that extra paycheck, but again I must say, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!

    After you bring back Vicki, start SHOWING your black characters more than once a month. It seems like they only pull them out because they have some quota to fill. Don’t do me any favors!! Watching them hold Lily’s hands and tell her for the TEN THOUSANDTH time that she’s gonna be okay is NOT a storyline. Please use your creative juices and come up with SOMETHING interesting for these five black folks to do. Please.

    There is so much more to discuss, but there is SOOO little space. They just need to stop spending their days doing interviews and getting drunk off of their own Kool-Aid and use that time to come up with some creative ideas that will WORK!!!

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    Well I like Tracey B’s Lauren having a story but couldn’t they come up with something else.  I really don’t understand why the Patty / Sarah deal and Lauren/Jana caged but when things like this happen I try to focus on the acting and my favs getting some air…I’m glad to see Lauren not just an appendage to Michael. I can understand after being on the show so long to play something different but still.  I waited for Adam to get his now I got three more so I’m in the same spot…

    I miss Dru for one thing its a gapeing hole where her character should be…. enjoyed Neil/Malcom scenes good acting went down for me there…

    But I’m trying to think what the storylines are: dramatically I like Billy/Victoria storyline (Newman/Abbott)

    Patty / Emily is tiresome (poor Jack)  her lying about being pregnant I predicted; that storyline has been playing out for a while now its time to start wrapping  it up there’s MaMa Bear….

    I haven’t seen enough of Nina so I guess it has to do with scheduling…

    Where’s Tucker?   I like corporate storylines

    While I don’t mind the who done it re: Adam..
    as a villan I liked Adam so 

    Where’s Rafe? 

    Niki standing by Victor’s side rubber stamping is dull but I guess she’s just in supporting role.

    JT is getting on my nerves re: the Newmans are so horrible. I must save Reed… he knew what he was getting into when he married her so ST&U already.

    Chance gets on my nerves all shows have a Dudley-do-right but damn he could have let Victoria go to court and arrest her afterwards or something…she is the daughter of his grandmother’s bFF…

    Jill doing the same thing again with Restless Style wasn’t a big Whoop…. will Billy fire her?

    Two things surprised me I didn’t expect Victoria to be arrested…or that there is a tie in w/MaMaBear/PattyCakes.

    I just don’t know at this point when I read this I’m thinking a lot of "campiness" is going on 

    I like things on the show but I guess I’m just focused on the acting right now.

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    [quote=akbad806]What exactly do you not like? [/quote]

    Well, for starters, as I was watching today and saw Ashley and Neil kiss, a spontaneous "Eeewww" came out of my mouth.  I’m not sure why but those two seem more like brother and sister to me than potential partners.  Put me in the camp that believes that the only woman for Neil is Dru.  Leave Ashley to Tucker.  I think those two have good chemistry.

    Next, I’m a Nick and Phyllis fan.  I think they’re cute together and I am SOOO over Nick and Sharon it’s not funny.  It’s a shame that they decided to go in the direction they did with Adam because I actually liked Sharon in that relationship.  She needs a new man.

    I’m so not a fan of reality shows and that whole chipmunk or squirrel or whatever it was thing that Kevin was doing a while back is lunacy I’d rather not revisit so, inspired as it might me, I can’t get behind "Whacked Out Clans."

    Last, but certainly not least, Ryder is the only Carter/Smythe I can stand so I don’t want him to die.  Shoot Sarah instead.

    I did like the idea of Daisy getting electrocuted, though.  That should give some much needed "spark" to her character.

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    How could I forget bringing back Victoria Rowell on my list?  What in the world is wrong with me?!?! LOL…she’s needs to be back.  Point. Blank.  Period!

    I like Ashley & Neil so adding an amenesic Dru into the mix could be good.  Dru fights to reclaim her life.  Ashley gets pregnant with Neil’s BIOLOGICAL child!  Talk about drama and fireworkers.  This could be so good!

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    @ Analiza

    Thank you for your critique and I agree about the Neil/Ashley thing but they would make the perfect tortured triangle along with Tucker. @ Smitty imagine if Tucker brought Dru back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    the thoery of opposites
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    If Tucker brought Dru back I would FOREVER be grateful to that man!  LOL…but I think that triangle could be good.  Adding in Dru only makes it stronger.  I love it!

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    I’d like to see the writers stop screwing with the storylines–either play them out or get rid of them. It’s been weeks since we saw Chance almost get plowed over and it was weeks before we saw the first incident with him. Dump this PRONTO because the time lapse between incidents is so long I could care less what happens. Same with Tucker and Kay. They didn’t have any dealings for a couple weeks, now this business with Jabot. I . DON’T. CARE. ANYMORE.

    Unlike most posters, I liked Emily’s character before they ruined it with the twin storyline, so I say dump Patti and keep Emily. Jack needs to be with someone closer to his own age, instead of hanging with young bimbos half his age all the time. Emily seems mature enough to keep him interested and be a good partner for him. I don’t think he’ll be able to pull all the crap with her that he did with his other wives.

    Ashley and Neil…EWWWW is right. There is NO chemistry between these two. There is, however, chemistry between Ashley and Tucker, so I’d like to see them as a couple.

    Dump the whole "who killed Adam" thing because again, who cares?  Nothing I hate more than ff’ing through all those boring courtroom scenes, only to have the person go free in the end anyway. Utter waste of time.

    I’d like to see Devon’s father come back and find out who he is and what the deal is with that. They need SOMETHING interesting for the Winter’s family. This cancer thing has dragged on long enough because we know they’re going to miraculously save Lily anyway.

    Like somone else said, let’s get back to the boardroom. Let’s get this show back to being about ruthless business dealings. BUT if they do, please don’t keep revisiting the "Jabot is going broke!" storyline that we had to suffer through soooooo many times in the past.

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    I think Neil and his family need a looooooong vacation. Devon and Lily are hopeless bores(with Emmy noms that still blow my mind)and the writers have no idea,clearly,what to do with Neil. Give them,and us,a break,then bring them back full force. I absolutely LOVE Stacy as Patty and BEG the writers how to figure out how to keep this fantastic actress on the show.Send Cane back to Australia,write off JT and Mac,recast Victoria.Give spineless Sharon a vacation,as well as the overplayed triangle of Sharon/Nick/Phyllis. Keep up the humorous scenes with Jill/Kay. End the who killed Adam storyline NOW.

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