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    After watching Friday’s episode of Y&R it’s clear that Ashley wants this ranch.  She was furious with Nikki for using her own key to come in and put Noah’s clothes away.  The bitter exchange between those two was classic!  It was so juicy that I watched those scenes twice.  That got me to thinking.  Who really is entitled to this ranch?  Should it be Victor? Ashley? or Nikki?

    Since I was a little boy I watched Nikki and her different husbands live in the ranch.  I always considered it her ranch.  I was under the impression that Victor gave it to her when they divorced.  Even after Victoria and Nicholas were grown and out of the house Nikki lived there.  Then all of a sudden during LML’s tenure and Victor/Nikki divorce some how Victor owned the ranch again.  That whole situation always confused me.  

    So I am asking everyone who do you think should have the ranch?  Should it be Nikki, Victor, or Ashley?

    I do understand Ashley’s gripe, but I can’t understand why she would want to live at the ranch.  Especially after all that drama from last year when she was being gas lighted.  Abby wasn’t raised as a Newman and we all know Faith isn’t Ashley’s real daughter.  Do you think Ashley will leave the ranch when the truth is revealed or do you think she will want to stay there with Abby just to spite Victor & Nikki?


    Agreed…I too recall Nikki living at the ranch with various husbands. The ranch belongs to the Newmans. Ashley should return to the Carlton home once it is rebuilt. Adam and Sharon will move into the tack house which will be vacant upon Phyllis and Nick finding a new home.

    I do hope once the Carlton home is resurrected they will keep the bones of the set in place and just update the decor. There is something about the familiarness of certain places that is as dear to us as the characters themselves.

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    Sadly, I don’t think we will be seeing the Rawlins mansion (Brad’s house) again. I think they destroyed it so they could create a new set.

    It appears Ashley will go back to the Abbott mansion, Victor and Nikki will reclaim the ranch, Phyllis and Nick will get a new place (the new set replacing the Rawlins mansion?), and Sharon and Adam will take over Phyllis and Nick’s current place.

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    I’m not a big Victor or Nikki fan (as individuals; but I do root for them as a supercouple), but if they’re not going to be living at the ranch, hopefully they get a brand new set, like a penthouse in the heart of the city or something. I already can’t stand that everyone who lives at the Athletic Club lives in the same hotel room…yuck!

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    Victor Newman should have the ranch!!! He paid for it, didn’t he????? Now that all his kids are grown—-(I am not counting the newest child, because we all know that she is his GRANDCHILD, not his daughter), he can stop loaning it to his ex-wives!!!

    Ashley Abbott is not some indigent single mother without the ability to pay her own mortgage…..Victor even practically offered to buy her a house ANYWHERE!! How many ex-husbands offer that?????

    Ashley is a hypocrite. She claimed when she left Victor that she wanted to get out from under this thumb and extricate herself from all the power that he has over her, but yet she refuses to leave HIS house???? Way to empower yourself, Ashley!!!

    The argument that she wants to provide stability for her kids is also garbage considering the fact that nothing she ever says or does seems to get Abby to stop whining and complaining. This brat is young, rich and probably has more money in a trust fund than she can spend in a lifetime, yet she STILL complains????? Ashley needs to grab Abby by her blond roots and tell her "Pack your crap, little girl. We’re leaving!!"

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