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    The Young and the Restless is by far my favorite soap.  I have watched it just about my entire life.  The show frustrates me more than any of the soaps that I am watching now.  Y&R has had their fair share of psychos (David Kimble, Shiela Carter, Tricia Dennison) but now we are faced with THREE of them on our screens. (Adam, Patty, and Mama Bear/Daisy/Ryder)  I clump Mama Bear/Daisy/Ryder all together as one.  Enough ALREADY!  Let’s get these psychos off the screen and let’s get back to Jabot vs Newman.  It’s time to get these people back to work.  Everyday on the show if it’s not an Adam day, it’s Patty’s day, or if not it’s Mama Bears day.  No town needs to have three psychopaths running around at the same town.  Give it a rest writers.  Y&R is on psychopath overload.  Make it stop already.

    The Abbotts have suffered enough pain and tragedy to last a lifetime so let’s get them Jabot back.  Jack, Ashley, Traci and Billy need to own 25% of the company each.  We have waited long enough for them to get their father’s company back and I’m tired of Katherine owning it.  Jabot needs to be with the Abbotts.

    I remember just a few years ago when everyone in town worked for Jabot or Newman.  The product lines always caused drama.  Let’s have the Abbotts and Newmans working on a new product line.  Each gearing up for big rollouts.   The conflict will follow from there.  Let’s get away from The Psychos and the Restless and let’s take it back to the boardroom.  

    I have been enjoying Y&R so don’t take this as me not liking the show.  It’s been keeping me very entertained but I am more than ready for the drama to be in the boardroom and not about switching babies, switching identities and crap.  

    What are your thoughts?  Should Y&R go back to the boardroom?

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    I was just saying to myself today that "General Hospital" has officially become my new favorite soap. My whole life, I have maintained an allegiance to Y&R, since I first fell in love with it (and Victoria Rowell) in the summer of 1993!!!! However, this show has jumped too many damned sharks lately, I agree!!! Too many psychos, and few of them are interesting!! The only one who really interests me is Adam. Of course, they have completely ruined the character, and he is beyond redeeming!! Goodbye, Michael Muhney!!

    Patty and Emily are, and will continue to be, FAST-FORWARD material!! I like Stacy Haiduk, but I am ready to say goodbye to her and all of her multiple personalities. The problems with most of the newer villainesses on daytime nowadays is that they seem so cheesy and one-dimensional. Just like AMC’s Annie Lavery!! Also, I find Patty and Emily to be BORING!!!! I miss villainesses like AMC’s Janet, GL’s Annie Dutton and Y&R’s Sheila. Oh well….

    I like the "businessy" stuff as long as it keeps Victor and Jack fighting, and the Newmans vs. the Abbotts!! Really, I don’t even care about the "business," I just like good CHARACTER-DRIVEN struggles and rivalries with fantastic actors!!!

    I hope soon that Y&R can reclaim it’s spot in my life as #1, but it’s looking kinda bleak!! Those "CHILDREN OF THE CORN" Daisy and Ryder look like they’re gonna be here for a while, and it looks like I’m gonna have to do a LOT of FAST-FORWARDIN’!! Thank goodness for YouTube!!!

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    [quote=alstonboy4315] Those "CHILDREN OF THE CORN" Daisy and Ryder look like they’re gonna be here for a while, and it looks like I’m gonna have to do a LOT of FAST-FORWARDIN’!! [/quote]

    There you go again, saying what I’m thinking before I even know I’m thinking it.  Priceless line. LOL

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    Actually, I stole that line from Carolyn Hinsey from “Soap Opera Digest”!!! She referred to them as that. Before, I was just calling them “Weird and Weirder” and “Creep and Creepier”!!! LOL!!! I wish I had thought of it first, though…….LOL!! Thanks for the support!!!!

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    No! MAB obviously think that the show is about psychos running around GC.

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    I thought we were heading in that direction with Tucker taking over Chancellor and the tainted Jabot bids but MAB and her writing team instead want to give us garbage they believe is suspenseful. Yes, I am entertained by Patty, Adam, and Mama Bear simply because it reminds me of OLTL in the 80’s. Isn’t it obvious that Paul Rauch is the one pulling the strings? He wants to turn this Y&R into a plot-driven show about various villians and antagonists who terrorize the residents of Genoa City. Well, this classic daytime drama is losing viewers in droves and CBS better fix it before the next thing you know "The Young And The Restless" will be airing its final episode where Patty drops a blow dryer in Jack’s bath water.

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    hope we can get back to the board room. they were really good back in the day. Jabot vs Newman which really was about the Newman and Abbott Family going at it and everyone was required to take sides and you saw their true colours. it made for good drama and suspense.
    bribery, blackmail, seduction, double cross, family loyalty, I miss those days!

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