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    Are you enjoying Michael Learned as Katherine Chancellor? I’d like to see her stay on Y&R in the role of Mary Williams, Paul’s mother. Mary was last seen in 2004 played by Carolyn Conwell. She has since retired from acting. Learned bears a resemblance to Conwell and could easily play the role of Paul’s overbearing, interfering mother. With Paul, Patty, and Ricky on the canvas, Mary could console and chide her children and grandson the way she does best.

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    Hmmmm…I didn’t see her as Katherine, but postings said she did a good job and that’s a good casting idea. I used love how Mary & Lauren was always squawking at each other when Paul & Lauren was married, especially when Lauren sent Paul’s nude photo in and Paul won…priceless! I think the only one Mary liked was Christina.

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    I think that’s a good idea.

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    I’m not really enjoying her as Katherine. Her chemistry is missing with some of the key characters but I could buy her as a recast for Mary Williams. I think that would be a good idea. She resembles the previous actress who played Mary. It could work.

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    I am enjoying her as Katherine. I feel that Katherine is more sympathetic and likable lately. Don’t get me wrong, though. I still am a diehard Jeanne Cooper fan and will defend her until my dying breath, but I do agree, she’d be great as Paul’s mother. But Spacebook, like all of the great ideas that I hear and read on this website, yours simply makes too much sense, which ensures that Maria Bell will never use it.

    Sad, but true!! :Sp

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