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     Well another episode of Y&R and once again there was a couple WTF moments.

    Ok Kevin has Jana and then he sits and debates with Ryder.  Either shoot and kill Ryder and Daisy or leave.  Why did he continue to have that conversation with Ryder?  Just stupid take your "dying" wife to the hospital.  Oh and of course Kay and Murphy are there to fly them to the helicopter.  WTF

    The whole Sarah/Lauren/Michael/Phyllis scenes were nothing but WTF….sigh 

    I thought a couple weeks ago that Y&R had aired it’s worse episode but I was wrong.  Today’s episode of Y&R was AWFUL!

    Now what were your WTF moment’s for the episode?

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    Is it just me, or does Amber get more melodramatic and pathetic with each passing episode??? Ugh!!! Maria Bell knows how to tear down some female characters, doesn’t she?? Just take away ALL their fire and personality just for dramatic effect!! See you in LA, Amber!!

    WTF—–Why is Lauren shooting all over the place in that house of mirrors???? After all the years that she’s been tangling with Sheila, Shawn Garrett and all the other PSYCHOS in her life—including Gloria—-she should be a MUCH better shot than that! LOL!!! I know it was done for dramatic effect, but COME ON……….

    AND…. why do Jana, Lauren and Kevin choose to just STAND there and shoot the sh*t while they KNOW that Sheila 3.0 and that damn cartoon Daisy are STILL lurking nearby with GUNS?? Save the water cooler talk for when you are SAFE AND SOUND at home!!!!!

    And why is Phyllis, who has TWO kids at home who need her, running off with Michael to confront this crazy assed woman, who could very well KILL HER!! She already cheated death ONCE, so why try for a second time?? I guess her friendships with Lauren and Michael are more important than her marriage to Nick and her kids, Daniel and Summer. Whatever. Throw in the fact that she’s in a wheelchair, and it’s TWICE as ridiculous!!

    Today’s episode, for me, wasn’t AWFUL, it was actually entertaining…… a bad way, not a good way, (if that makes any sense!) but I am ready for this nonsense to end.


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    The character of Amber has been a complete waste on Y&R.  She never fit in and one of the MAJOR mistakes of the character was they forgot a lot of her history at B&B until now.  Little "D" was a major part of her history at B&B and it was ignored until recently.  I’m glad the character is leaving.  Hopefully she goes back to B&B and they give her a good storyline there.

    I am annoyed that Phyllis seems to be on EVERYDAY and involved in EVERY storyline!  Enough with the Phyllis show.  Michelle Stafford is an amazing actress but I never thought I would see the day that Y&R would be the Phyllis show.  Make it stop already!

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    I give Y&R and Sony Television much props for yesterday’s episode.
    The whole "Hall Of Mirrors" homage from the classic "The Lady From Shanghai"
    was great. 

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    I can’t stand the fact that Amber doesn’t speak like an adult, she whines like a pouty child all the time. I am NOT going to miss that voice.

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