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    I got a few messages asking if I still wrote those silly Y&R and B&B “fan fics” and I really hadn’t posted it for a while. But hey, I thought I’d update it a few times, and I did. And since there are actually people reading it (I Didn’t think anyone actually did), I will try to update it once a week, or more if I have time. But definitely once a week at least.

    On “Stoney07’s Y&R”: Victor is at odds with the new guy in town. Drucilla and Neil find themselves in an uncomfortable position. Jill learns shocking news about her grandson Chance. Diane Jenkins has a proposition for Nikki. Ashley has no love lost for Phyllis….and A LOT more.

    On “Stoney07’s B&B”: The much anticipated Forrester Creations vs. Spectra Fashions showdown is held. Thorne worries about Taylor. Brooke has had enough. Deacon has a surprise for everyone!

    hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

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