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    He’s the brand new promo for Y&R…”Storm of the Century”.
    I know regardless some will bash the promo but I’m looking forward to this event. Any longtime CBS viewer of all of CBS’s soaps will remember back in “92 JFP (yes she had just arrived on GL) did an umbrella story of the Spfld Blackout….one of the best to watch and the stories it created and how they unfolded. It can push other stories to the next level, open up new stories from the storm that has consequences down the road. The blackout story on GL had everything and was playing stories from the event for months. Same here, new friendships could happen (Maureen & Roger was stuck together and Mo was Roger’s friend after the blackout as with Roger. Michelle & Jenna etc) so I’m looking forward to this every much and so timely now that the east coast is buried in 3 ft. of snow! :)

    Enjoy and sound off! ;)

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