Perkie's Observations-June 12 2014

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    Shots ring out at the station. Anna spirits Liz, Molly and Diane into the interrogation room for their protection. Molly worries about her father and Liz worries that whoever set up Ric shot him to keep him quiet. Diane tries her best to reassure them.

    Silas tells Nina about Sam. She’s upset that she let her fantasies run away and asks if he’s serious about Sam. Silas says he shut down after Nina went into the coma and he didn’t let himself care about anyone else for 20 years, until Sam.

    Nina regrets not calling as soon as she woke from her coma and is angry with her mother for taking so much away from her. Silas feels they missed their chance. Nina decides she should go live elsewhere, like with Nathan. Silas insists she stay, that Sam will understand.

    Sabrina worries about bad luck of Patrick seeing her in her wedding dress. She tells him that Felix bought a black dress and doesn’t understand why. Patrick tells her the dress is for the funeral

    Sabrina continues to insist that tomorrow is their wedding day, so Patrick is forced to go over the events of the past six months, up until the baby’s death. Sabrina refuses to believe and calls him a liar, until she eventually remembers and breaks down crying.

    Rafe is upset to hear that Gabriel has passed which surprises Sam. Sam says she’s going to find who was responsible and doesn’t understand how someone can leave the scene of an accident. Sam feels by finding out who did it, will bring peace to Sabrina and Patrick.

    Maxie has a hard time concentrating on her yoga session and Levi questions why. She tells him about Gabriel and how she feels guilty for not having gone to see Patrick. Levi feels the child’s death was meant to be, that it was his journey.

    Maxie disagrees, saying no one should outlive their child, but Levi insists there’s a larger body at work. Maxie doesn’t accept that, so Levi accuses her of sounding negative like Nathan. Levi storms off.

    Anna returns to tell the women that Ric made a grab for Nathan’s gun, that they struggled and the gun went off, killing Ric. Liz doesn’t believe that Ric would grab for the gun. Molly demands to see her father and storms out, only to see the paramedics wheeling a body bag away.

    Liz accuses Nathan of killing an innocent man. Anna declares Nathan on suspended leave and offers her condolences to the women.

    Maxie comes across an upset Nathan.

    Anna lets herself into the morgue and opens the body bag to reveal a very much alive Ric.

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    I don’t know how I feel about Ric letting Molly think that he’s dead. I would have much preferred and Anna had brought Molly with her to the morgue then swore her to secrecy.

    Shut up Levi. Maxie, kick him in the family jewels already.

    Nathan looked pretty shaken up which makes me think that he wasn’t in on Anna/Ric’s plan. So, did Anna give Ric a bullet proof vest or something?

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    I am loving how Sam has been softened. Her clothes are lighter, her hair is flowing and she isn’t wearing “Black” ankle boots in the warm weather! Levi was begging for a kick in the crotch and I hope he gets it soon. Rafe is wearing diamond ear studs. You would think someone would wonder were he got the money for them. Can’t wait to see Julian’s reaction to Rick’s “Death”!

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    Dollys-garden, I noticed that about Sam too, though she was wearing those “pirate” boots with a tank top the other day. She’s being styled much softer this week. Good point about Julian – I wonder if he’ll feel so guilty about framing Ric that he’ll confess to Alexis?!

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    I like that Sam is dressing nicer but I hate Sam being a heroine. She is a bad girl who can spot a con, who can scale walls, who plots against her competitors. I miss that Sam. I miss the Sam who seduced Lucky in that hot tub and they became the sexy great LuSam. I hate this whispery Sam.

    Now on to Ric. The ONLY good thing about this is that Ric heard Molly and Liz proclaim they know Ric is innocent and that they are on his side. I agree with Perkie, I HATE that Molly thinks her daddy is dead. This is all because Anna refused to do any kind of investigating and just took her enemy’s word for it that Ric was his boss. Now Ric’s life is going into upheaval because of others not doing their job. If Jordan hadn’t call Anna and told her the truth, Ric would be wasting away in prison. I loved Liz lying into Nathan. Nathan had to hurry and leave, he couldn’t handle the wrath of the Queen.

    Over Nina sweating Silas. The man was cheating on her, and not wearing a condom, during their marriage. Shouldn’t she have woken up pissed? This has to be an act.

    Don’t care about Sabrina going crazy because of her RoadKillBaby. They already did this storyline when Carl went crazy wearing a wedding gown and they put her in Shadybrook and she came back as Carly.

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    I didnt like that they thought Ric was dead. I mean it was obvious that he wasnt. Why didnt Diane, Liz or Molly want to see the body? They saw a bodybag but I would think that if they wanted to see if it was Ric or not, they would look. Just surprised they didnt want to look.

    Yes, Levi needs to get kicked in the crotch. I will say that I think some of Maxie’s anger isnt toward how Levi reacted to the baby but I think this has been building with Maxie over time. I think the fact that James/Nathan did her a huge solid about rescheduling the hearing saw him in a different light. Maxie should just dump Levi, ASAP.

    One more thing. I know she lost her baby but could Sabrina calm down and stop talking for a second? Poor Patrick couldnt get 10 words out.

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    Mets82 – The speed talking drives me crazy too. Big reason why I don’t watch Gray’s anymore. All those long monologs without taking a breath. Makes me want to slap someone. And why does Nina smile so much while she is talking? Isn’t she supposed to be distraught!

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