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    Ric is upset that Molly and Liz had to grieve over his body. Anna says both of them could be targets and it’s better for Ric to stay dead to protect them. Anna says only they and Nathan know the truth. Ric’s angry that he’ll look like a guilty coward. Anna says they’re putting him in witness protection until Julians’ boss is caught.

    Alexis finds Molly at the station. A tearful Molly explains what happened and Alexis tells her that she’ll do whatever Molly wants. Molly begs to be allowed to say goodbye to Ric. Alexis doesn’t think it’s a good idea but agrees to take Molly to the morgue.

    Liz gets back to work to find an angry Dr Obrecht. Liesl says she’ll doc Liz’ pay but Liz doesn’t care. Liz says someone died and she’s not in the mood for Liesl’ lectures. Dr. Obrecht fires Liz.

    Sonny confides in Julian that AJ didn’t kill Connie and that Ava is pregnant and living with him under guard. Julian says he needs to tell Morgan what Ava did, but Sonny worries that Ava will then tell Morgan what he did and he’ll lose Michael. Sonny promises that the truth will die with Ava.

    Britt spots Nik at The Rib and Brad tells her to talk to him, but she knows Nikolas doesn’t want anything from her. Nik does apologize to her because of what happened with Gabriel and says he knows she did everything she could to save the baby. A news report announces what happened at the station so Nik heads out to find Liz.

    Nathan tells Maxie that something awful happened at work and she tells him about her fight with Levi. Maxie sees the news and realizes Nathan was the one who shot and killed Ric.

    Nathan says he wishes he hadn’t been involved. Maxie reassures him that it wasn’t his fault, that he was doing his job and that he needs to talk about it. Nathan asks about the fight, so Maxie explains about the baby and how Levi couldn’t offer condolences. Nathan tells her that she needs to stop listening to Levi

    Lucas finds an upset Felix, who explains about Gabriel. Lucas understands, having lost BJ. Lucas and Felix hug, as Brad arrives. Brad gets angry that he hasn’t been able to see Lucas and now Felix is there. Lucas tells Brad that Felix is upset about Gabriel and angrily leaves.

    Nik gets to the hospital as Liz is being fired and tells Liesl that he’s on the board, but Liesl says it’s within her rights. Nik reassures Liz that he’ll get her reinstated. Liz explains how she was at the station when Ric was shot and can’t believe he’s gone.

    Britt spots Nik leaving with Liz. Dr. O says she wants to help so Britt asks for her help in getting Nikolas back because that worked so well with Patrick.

    Alexis and Molly get to the morgue so Anna is quick to tell them that it’s not a good idea , that Ric doesn’t look good. Molly goes into the room but finds the empty body bag. Alexis tells her that she wouldn’t want to see Ric that way. Ric hides in a back room listening to Molly cry.

    Ric wonders what Anna would do if their positions were reversed. Anna tells Ric that he’ll get a new identity but can come back once everyone is out of danger

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    LiRic. Perfection. Liz felt Ric’s presence when he was standing behind her. Their chemistry is everything. I can’t see how anyone can’t be a fan after this week of LiRic. Molly was perfect. Ric listening to his child cry over him was so sad. I can’t wait until the reunion.

    Dr. O kidnapped and shot Liz and now she’s firing her? Dr. O is a Nazi. Only a Nazi could be that evil. Then Britt ask her mother to help her get Nik back? Is there anything Britt can do on her own? She can’t even find her own apt! I love that the Britch is back but I don’t think I can go all summer listening to Britt harass Liz because of Nik especially when Liz is thinking about Ric. I just hate Dr. O. I was not missing that woman.

    Love that Sonny has a real BFF. Him and Duke are so good together. Felix crying over his goddess RoadKillBaby just annoyed me. Also he is an ugly crier. He looked like he had no teeth ole gummy bastard. Lucas/Brad had more chemistry in their little scenes. Felix is a non factor. He’s crying more over RoadKillBaby than Patrick!

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    I haven’t been a fan of Felix or Sabrina and for sure not Felix and Sabrina but while I still wouldn’t use the word fan, I like Felix away from Sabrina, I like him with Lucas, I don’t know if I see a romantic relationship or a friendship but I like their scenes together. Marc Anthony Samuel’s performance almost makes me feel bad for the loss of Gabriel. I don’t feel bad but if I had even a moment of sad, it’s due to MAS. By the way, an ugly cry is the only kind of cry I want to see. It’s that dabbing my mascara cry that I can’t stand.

    I don’t care what the terms of Ohbrecht’s contract were initially, once she shot Liz, who was treated at General Hospital, Liz should have been given a raise, promotion, and permanent employment. It’s strange that with all of the differences between Carlivati and Guza, the bashing of Liz Webber and the deification of Sonny Corinthos persist.


    Was so hoping Molly would have walked in on Ric and she would have kept his secret – then at the end was hoping that Liz would see him.

    Is it just me or has Finola’s acting been a little off the last few episodes – harsh and lacking her usual effusive charm – almost like she is in pain? Maybe it is just meant to reflect that Anna’s grasp on the PCPD is slipping (being left out of the loop on the DEA stuff b/c of Duke, having to lie about Dante slipping up, and now this Ric/Julian thing) but I need my Anna to keep it together and not let it get to her :)

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    I just don’t understand this show. How in the HELL is Dr. O still the COS??!!??

    I understand not being in prison, but still being allowed to work at this hospital is ridiculous! Still having a license to practice in this country is RIDICULOUS! And not having a big fat law suit filed by Liz AND NIK (who hellos, is supposed to be the big GH board member who can hire and fire at will!!) is in a word: ridiculous!!

    I know this is fantasy, but come on!, this show is now ridiculous!!!

    I enjoy a lot of the show, but this with Brit, Brad, and Dr. O still being allowed to work at GH is insulting my intelligence. For a medical professional, you don’t just have to go to jail for breaking the law– you can be pardoned all you want, but if you are UNETHICAL (kidnapping ppl and PATIENT’S embryos, taking hostages, SHOOTING ppl, etc) then you have lost your job, and possibly your license (at least for a small period of time though suspension). As a medical professional, this just pisses me off.

    I think I might hate this show; or at least THIS part of the show. I just can’t.
    I still love Maxie. And Liz. And Sam dressing like a normal person. And Ric.

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    I kind of liked Liz telling off Dr. O. I wonder if Ric will get the happy reunion with Liz and Molly after all. I bet they will be pissed at him for lying. I wish Lucas would cut Brad a bit of slack on one thing. Lucas jumped on Brad when Brad didnt know that the baby died. I dont think Brad would’ve even interrupted Lucas and Felix, had he known that.

    Maybe its just me, I liked Maxie and Nathan at the Floating Rib. It was just two friends hanging out and talking.

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    This shit with Obrecht continues to ring hollow with me. I LIVE for Kathleen Gati and I actually like Obrecht most of the time. But her still being employed, much less as Chief of Staff, at GH after shooting one of her own nurses(among her various other travesties) is one of the most preposterous plot points I’ve seen on a soap in a long damn time. And then actually FIRING the nurse she shot? Ok, I get it, RC obviously loves this character and, like I said, I typically find sheer joy in KG’s performance. But I just can’t with this.

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    Ron loves to take all these characters to the brink and just expects fans to blindly go along for the ride. He’s got as much contempt for the fans as Tony Geary does. I wouldn’t mind Ron’s contempt if he were a Douglas Marland, Bill Bell, Harding Lemay, hell, even a Pat Falken Smith. But he’s far from it. Imo, Ric and Liz are saving this sh!t fest these days…

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