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    **the first 7 minutes of the episode were pre-empted but it didn’t seem as though I had missed anything. Usually if there’s a huge chunk missing, I’ll retape it later in the day to catch what was missed, but I think we’re all good**

    Judge Walters asks Nathan if he’s covering for Maxie, and reminds him there is a penalty for perjury. Levi interrupts and says that Maxie has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to her humanitarian efforts and has changed. He feels the judge should let Maxie see her baby.

    Michael’s surprised that Tracy cut her honeymoon short. She tells him that Luke turned out to not be the man she thought he was and claims he’s a lying cheat so she told him to leave.

    Tracy apologizes for not listening to their warnings about Luke and begs their forgiveness. Kiki forgives her and Michael says he was trying to protect the company. Tracy thanks Michael for stepping in and asks if she can come back to work.

    Michael isn’t certain, but Tracy feels she can be an asset and wants to keep her father’s dream alive. Kiki asks about Luke and Tracy says she filed for annulment.

    Jordan questions Anna on what happened to Ric, so Anna tells her the truth. Jordan’s concerned about Molly but Anna wants her to concentrate on putting Julian behind bars. Jordan says Julian wants to start up the business again and she can’t continue to stall him.
    Anna tells her to find a way to find out who the boss is.

    Molly decides she’s moving out because she refuses to be around Julian. Alexis says Julian isn’t the enemy but Molly’s determined to go to Sam’s.

    Nina listens at the door as Silas tells Sam that she’s his priority, that he wants to make things up to her. The two arrange a date for later.

    Nina admits to Silas that it’s weird to give her blessing for him to date someone else. She brings up Jason and how she knows that Sam loved him and misses him. Nina points out that Sam still wears her wedding ring and how Danny must be like his father.

    Sam is surprised when Molly arrives at her house. Molly says she can’t live with Alexis while she’s dating Julian. Molly is sure that Julian manufactured the evidence against Ric and no way was her father the boss. Sam agrees to let her stay as long as she talks to Alexis.

    Alexis tells Julian that Molly blames him for Ric’s death, but she feels Ric is responsible for his own death. Julian is certain molly will get over it in time. Alexis feels Molly needs someone to blame, but is certain she’ll come back.

    TJ stops by to see Jordan, wondering what it was she wanted to tell him. Jordan says she came to town for a fresh start and fell into bad habits. TJ asks her to quit her job but Jordan says she needs the job. TJ asks if Ric was the boss, but Jordan says she took orders from Julian only.

    Anna stops by to see Alexis and give her Ric’s personal effects. Anna asks if Alexis is still dating Julian and tells her that it’s a big mistake.

    Jordan tells Julian that she wants to meet the boss.

    Michael agrees to let Tracy come back to work for ELQ if she can show him her annulment papers. Tracy calls Luke and tells him that their plan is working and that she’ll get the company back from Michael.

    Judge Walters asks again if Nathan lied to protect Maxie. Maxie says she lied, that Nathan did throw out the summons but that she had already seen it. Maxie admits that she was afraid and not certain if she was worthy of seeing her daughter.

    Maxie promises that she’s a different person now and deserves to be a part of her daughter’s life. Maxie begs the judge to let her.

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    So we have Tracy lying to Michael for Luke. Jordan lying to T.J. for her job. Alexis choosing her relationship with Liar Julian over her relationship with her daughter whose(sp?) father just died. Carly moved a serial killer into her home with her little girl who he once kidnapped. Sam has a coke head murderer on her approved babysitter list. Lulu is going to put her life on the line less than a year after getting baby Rocco. It’s obvious the next big #GH showstopper is the Mother of the Year competition.

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    I have never been a big Tracy fan. I think JE is a great actress but the character is a unappealing to me. But I think she’s acting incredibly stupid, even for someone as Luke obsessed as she is. I hope they (Michael and Ned) don’t give in. In fact, I want Ned back in PC permanently.

    Jordan needs to stay in town permanently and she needs a good man (not Shawn) to be with.

    Molly is the wisest Davis of all time. Always has been.

    Obviously Jason is going to be back soon. How will they explain that without Robin showing up as well? Does Nina know Jason is alive? Wasn’t she at the same facility at the end as Jason?

    Maxie (well KS actually) was amazing today. She made me tear up.

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    I’m glad Jordan is concerned about Molly, because Alexis sure isn’t.

    How about a Jordan/Ric pairing? Or Jordan/Ned?

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    I swear Ron cares NOTHING about vet only his newbies. Alexis would NEVER chose her boyfriend over her daughter. Her daughter’s daddy just died!!! Yet she still wants to keep her booty? Alexis goes crazy over her daughters. She’s is (was) the ultimate mama bear. Molly has to move out? At least Sam understood that Julian is a liar.

    Yep Jason coming back and Nina knows him and she will be the one to bring him back, watch. She was in the same clinic as him. I still don’t understand this story since Silas had an affair with another woman while married to Nina and Nina knew. So Nina shouldn’t be shocked or bothered that he’s with someone else. She didn’t care before.

    Tracy lying to get back in ELQ for Luke? Seriously? Did Ron forget Tracy was married to Luke before, twice? She knows this man. There is no way this imposter would last this long. Luke didn’t get a care about ELQ. It could have blew up and Luke wouldn’t have blinked an eye. Now all of a sudden he cares and Tracy isn’t suspicious? Also what happened to Tracy saying she wanted it all, she wanted true love? I miss Joe and Tracy.

    Jordan is so flawless. When she’s on screen, she just glows. She is perfection. I agree with Lucy. Give her a decent man, a real man. Not Shawn. I want to see Jordan with Dante. Dante needs that fire again. This Lulu isn’t the one. In his scenes with Sonny, Dante showed a little bit of the guy he use to be, I want that guy back.

    Why isn’t Maxie’s family there are the court with her? Shouldn’t Spinelli be there since it’s his daughter and he’s raising her? Yet she’s stuck with the albino kangaroo and RoboCop. Why? Poor Maxie. They better not make her this goody good girl. I want Maxie back. Maxie who loved fashion, pillow baby stuck up Maxie.

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    Oh yes Angie Lucy, yes to Jordan & Ned.

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    I could make my response very easy by simply saying that I agree with everything logan_echolls said. We are both wondering what happened to mama bear Alexis and the savvy, no-nonsense Tracy – the woman who knows how to spot a con a mile away.

    In addition to looking for the real Alexis and the real Tracy (and the real Carly as well), I’m also looking for more fire again for Dante. The brief spark with Sonny made me want me more – and, again agreeing with logan, I know we aren’t going to get that fire with the current Lulu. So, I’m all in for Jordan/Dante time.

    And Jordan – YES!!!!! My favorite addition in some time! Sure hope she stays around PC.

    And Maxie – I want more fire there, too. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s POV), if she has too much fire around our wooden detective, he just might go up in flames.

    As asides, I thought Kirsten Storms and Hailey Pulos owned their scenes – and I did enjoy the big sister/little sister dynamic between Sam and Molly.

    And then we have Michael and Kiki at the ELQ offices. When I watch them, why do I feel as if I am watching an episode of “Bring Your Kid To Work Day???”

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    LMBO Detective Nathan “Plywood” would go up in flames it Maxie had her old fire. That’s why she’s so tame.

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    I finally took my finger off of the FF button during Nina scenes now that she has gotten out of that wheelchair and started acting like a nutjob. It’s about time, GH!

    I wanted Anna to slap the taste out of Alexis’ mouth…after what Julian did to Anna she is perfectly justified in having an undying hatred of him and Alexis was just being a stupid thirsty cow defending him to Anna of all people.

    Still want Julian dead which annoys me because I like WD as an actor and was really on board with the character when he first arrived but this show has turned Julian Jerome into a total wussy with almost no redeeming qualities and no rooting value at all.

    This new employee of Luke’s is so unnecessary. Just what this show needs some skeevy dude no one cares about overacting through all of his scenes. We already have that slot filled by Maxie’s doofus new boyfriend whose name I refuse to learn.

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    I’ll tell you what, I saw 3 dumb people on GH. First, there’s Silas and Sam. You could tell that Nina was up to something when he kept needling Silas about Sam not taking off her wedding ring. At least Sam somewhat knows. I mean why would Nina keep harping on Sam and Jason? Second, we have Micheal. Tracy apologizes and Micheal gives her a job? What about having her on probation or something? I mean she insulted Kiki and Micheal and right away, your back, no strings attached.

    I will say I’m glad Molly stood up to Alexis. Alexis has to be one of the biggest hypocrites in Port Charles. Molly was right too. Not for nothing, that Judge Walters. Man, get the stick out of your ass, geez!!

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