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    Maxie begs Judge Walters to let her be a part of her daughter’s life. The Judge claims he needs to review documents before making his decision. Nathan asks why Maxie wouldn’t let him lie for her again.

    Maxie says she couldn’t let Nathan lie under oath for her. Nathan says he was willing to risk it for her. Levi counters that more lies wouldn’t help. Maxie wonders how the judge found out that Nathan lied.

    Jordan feels she’s risking everything but Julian refuses to give her information on the boss and reminds her what happened to Lucas. Jordan says they’re in this together and need to protect each other.

    Sam explains to Molly how Silas feels obligated to Nina, who seems too understanding. Molly asks if Nina’s putting on an act, but Sam hopes Nina has accepted things.

    Nina questions whether Sam is able to let her husband go and mentions the wedding ring. Silas is sure that Sam will take off the ring when she’s ready. Nina mentions the things that Silas has kept including a plaque she gave him when he graduated med school.

    Nina notices that the plaque is cracked. Silas tells her it happened when her mother broke in and tore up the place. Nina tells Silas to enjoy his date with Sam.

    Lulu tells Dante that Maxie’s hearing is today and hopes Maxie gets a chance to be with her baby. Lulu feels Maxie has changed a lot and that Levi has been good for her. Dante wonders if the timing is right for them to have another baby. Lulu reassures him that she’s ready.

    TJ stops by to see Molly and Alexis tells him that she’s at Sam’s. Anna tells Alexis she should walk away from Julian. Alexis says Julian is out of the mob and helped the police and is no longer a threat.

    Anna feels Julian is still a mobster. Alexis counters that Duke is working for Sonny. Anna says she’s known Duke longer than Alexis has known Julian. She warns Alexis not to give up on Molly in favor of Julian.

    TJ goes to Sam’s. Molly tells him that her mother chose her boyfriend over her. She swears Ric wasn’t doing anything illegal, but Alexis is taking Julian’s word. TJ says he asked Jordan to walk away from the gallery but that she chose Julian over him as well.

    Judge Walters decides that Maxie has not improved and will not allow her to see Georgie for another six months. A distraught Maxie can’t believe that she’s lost her daughter again.

    Nathan accuses Levi of being responsible for telling the judge about his lie.

    Julian and Jordan are interrupted by Mickey Diamond, who says their boss sent him to make sure things run smoothly. Mickey tells Julian that he’s being sent out of town on business and to make his excuses to Alexis. Mickey warns Jordan never to betray the boss.

    As Sam and Silas head out on their date, Nina rises from her chair and remembers how she was the one who destroyed Silas’ apartment.

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    Great, what this show needs is another crazy person. Oh Nina, boring Silas really isn’t worth it.

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    Oh joy. There goes my hope that Nina not be in the mold of a Lisa Niles type psycho…..

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    I found the last two days to be boring. Nina is a train wreck and I figure this storyline will drag and give me a reason to fast forward.

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    For me, Friday’s episode showcased many of what I find to be the show’s weakest aspects. Or more precisely, the show’s two weakest aspects–Sam/Silas and Lante. I have next to nothing for either of these couples–I’ve said before, the Easton/Monaco scenes basically constitute a black hole as far the the performances go and while I don’t particularly mind Lulu and Dante if I never saw them again I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

    Of course, there were parts of the ep that were good. Any scenes with Anna or Jordan, apart or together, can make up for almost anything else that might be lacking so I’m always happy when they’re on. The Maxie scenes were also pretty good; I’m getting onboard with the potential Maxie/Nathan pairing so I think it’s safe to say that good ol’ Levi can take a hike like yesterday.

    As for Nina, we kinda saw this coming, right? I mean, you don’t hire Michelle Stafford to play milquetoast, you hire her to play unpredictable and not-just-a-little unstable. That said, I have to say I REALLY liked the Nina reveal, rising out of that wheelchair and walking around unaided; you could almost see her demeanor change based on her facial expressions. Split personality maybe? D.I.D.(this is Ron Carlivati we’re talking about here)? Or maybe it’s just good old-fashioned revenge for the Ava affair. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if Stafford actually unhinges her jaw before she swallows Easton and Monaco alive in future scenes.

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    If I had any positive response to the Nina reveal, it was: About Time. Nina has been obviously crazy since we saw her face in the park with Danny. Her every word and gesture has screamed CRAZY, so it is a relief to know that Ms. Stafford has been playing CRAZY all along. I am still finding it hard to explain why I knew Nina wasn’t wheelchair bound, but I knew. The next surprise in this storyline will be the 1st surprise in this storyline.

    I did not love the scene with Anna and Alexis because I wish there were more to it. I felt like Anna was on her way to a fire with the only extinguisher. I wanted her to focus on setting Alexis straight. Their situations are different because as Anna stated she has known Duke forever, shared a marriage and lost a child but Anna knows the lure of the mobster and the lure of the mob for the mobster. Nancy Lee Grahn has not convinced me that she is even in love with Julian but even if she is I can’t imagine Alexis, I will run you down with my car, Davis letting Molly walk out so that she can continue sleeping with Julian. Even if she and Julian were sneaking around it would be better than allowing Molly to feel as if she has lost her mother and father.

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    When’s the last time Alexis acted “normal” in a relationship? I can so see her self-righteously (after all Julian “gave up” the Mob for her–so she thinks) deciding Molly is just being an emotional teen and letting her cool her heels for a while. After all she’s living with her sister, it’s not like she moved in with TJ.

    I am not familiar with Michelle Stafford’s work, so I agree–while we knew all along she was a little crazy–and that she likely didn’t need to be in the wheelchair–you could see her face transform. That was amazing. Not sure why she hates Silas–she trashed his apartment quite a while ago. Is it because of Ava? Why did her mother accept responsibility for the trashing? Is she not broke? I am intrigued–but only a little–there are too many irredeemable people in Port Chuck right now.

    As for Tracy and Luke. C’mon. Tracey has ALWAYS ALWAYS had a blind eye when it came to Luke. So her current behavior is not all that shocking.

    If the gallery was bugged as Jordan suggested wouldn’t the dude know about Jordan & Anna’s conversation?

    I thought one of the most important pivotable scenes Friday was Maxie going to Lulu for comfort and Lulu being there for her. I have always loved the way their relationship evolved–and am glad it seems to be almost healed.

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    All this about MS and this is what she’s doing? Playing another nutjob? OK… FF right through it I can’t with another fruit loop right now that’s on everyday. I do feel bad MS’ Nina is stuck with Sambien. She’ll need no-dose to stay awake with them two.

    Maxi/Det. Cue cards/Levi don’t care about their story right now esp another triangle its been too many of them however its easy to see that its more to Levi than meets the eye so it will probably lead them into another story. I hope her heart wrenching plea gets her visitation or custody or whatever she’s seeking for her baby…

    ..LuLu/Dante 3 year straight babymania nice to see them though even though its about another baby …. ZZZzzzz

    My girl Alexis choose cajones over her kid … smh….at least I got an Anna/Alexis scene out of it…even though Anna is a hypocrite …Why o’ why is Anna obsessed with blaming Jilly when those of us know damn well that the shows’ history has been changed. Did the writers know Julian was not responsible for her miscarriage? That it was his sister Olivia and that Julian wasn’t even on the canvas because he was dead? Dont’ ya just hate the writers clearly don’t know GH’ history…. what else so

    I guess Jordan was a bright spot; I enjoyed TJ and Molly scenes. Another day another new character “Mickey Diamond”

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    The writers need to look at Liz/Lucky teen storyline. TJ and Molly should be hitching a plan to investigate whether Julian was lying on Ric and what Jordan is really up to. Instead of just whining to each other all summer. That’s why Ron’s teen storylines have been an epic fail.

    Tracy has NEVER been blind to Luke. NEVER. Tracy knows Luke doesn’t give a care about ELQ. Tracy knows when Luke is using her for her money. Tracy knows Luke’s habits, etc. The fact that KiKi even said Luke tried to do something to her would have made Tracy suspicious enough to investigate who was lying and not just believe Luke outright. She would NEVER just take Luke side over Ned especially after seeing Luke with a gun to her son. Sorry this isn’t Tracy.

    Don’t care about Nina but I LOVE Jordan and Nicky. Love that she told him not to call her sister. She knew what he meant

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    The Nina reveal kind of shocked me. The thing is that, I hope its a D.I.D. story just because I’m sick of crazy in Port Charles. Lisa Niles, Heather Webber, Franco. Need to take a break. I don’t think TJ and Molly are whining. I think there just talking about how there respective parents took a strangers word (Julian) or lied in general (Jordan).

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. That judge is a real jerk. Man, get the stick out of your ass!!

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    So far, all Nina’s done is lie and bust up her husband’s living room. She doesn’t have to be crazy, just really really pissed off. Frankly, she has a right to be. If she doesn’t try to hurt anyone physically, then all of this can just be part of a long con to get revenge on Silas and (I hope) her mother. It would be good to have a villain who’s not crazy. But I don’t have much hope that Ron C. will go that route.

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    @ Angie Lucy-Without spoiling anything, after watching today’s episode (6/23/14), I pretty much think RC is going that route…..

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