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    Rosalie catches Nina walking around the apartment and is concerned that someone else could have caught her. Nina says Silas is out on his date and that he doesn’t know that she’ s his true enemy. Nina complains that Silas left her for dead even though she supported him through medical school.

    Nina mentions that she planted the seed of doubt about Sam’s wedding ring. She wants to get payback on everyone who’s done her wrong and makes a list, which includes her mother, Silas, Sam, Ava and Kiki.

    Joss wonders where her mother is and Franco tells her that Carly went to Sonny’s. When he can’t control Joss, he calls Kiki to come over and help. Kiki tells Franco about Ava and Sonny and wonders again why her mother is staying there. Kiki wonders if Franco is jealous of Carly’s relationship with Sonny.

    Ava’s surprised to find Carly waiting for her. Ava accuses Carly of being obsessed with Sonny but Carly says she doesn’t want Ava messing with his head. Ava wonders how Franco feels about Carly running to Sonny’s, but Carly assures her that Franco is secure in their relationship.

    Maxie tells Lulu that she lost Georgie again and explains what happened at the hearing. Maxie wonders how the judge could have found out that Nathan lied. Maxie tells Lulu that Levi and Nathan are always at each other’s throats.

    Nathan accuses Levi of telling the judge since he’s the only other person who knew that Nathan had lied, other than Maxie and Diane. Nathan accuses Levi of not wanting Maxie to see her daughter, but Levi claims he’s supportive of whatever Maxie decides.

    Nathan wants Levi to admit he told the judge, but Levi says he won’t and there’s no proof that he did.

    Silas and Sam have their date in the park. Sam catches him looking at her ring. Silas admits that Nina mentioned it and that he thought Sam would remove it when they said they loved each other. Sam offers to remove it, saying she shouldn’t hold onto the past. Sam feels Silas is her future.

    Sonny arrives with pizza for Ava and Carly warns him to watch out. Sonny thanks Carly for having his back. When Carly gets home, Franco questions where she’s been this whole time. Carly tells him that Sonny needed her.

    Nina interrupts Silas’s date and tells him that she’s fallen and can’t get up.

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    Carly left her daughter at home with a man her daughter hates? Didn’t Josslyn just get home and Carly leaving her already? Franco couldn’t call Joss grandma? Her cousin Lulu? God mama Alexis? Instead a he calls a stranger. I can’t

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    I’m sick of them throwing Kiki and Franco together. It makes no sense.

    I did chuckle when Nina was going on about Silas and Rosalie interrupted her and Nina said, “Do I interrupt your rants?” and Rosalie replied, “I don’t rant.”

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    Instead a he calls a stranger. I can’t

    Kiki’s dating Joss’ brother, so while it was a plot point to get RH and KA in a scene together and to have Kiki wonder about Franco’s jealousy, it wasn’t completely out there that he called kiki to come.

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    While I’m still not impressed with Michelle Stafford’s acting, I kinda enjoy the craziness of her character. I’d like to see where they are going with this. Yes, “GH” had enough crazy characters for a life time but I guess with Carlivati’s writing we’ll always have characters like this. Not to mention that some of Nina’s craziness is justified.

    Carly is the worst mother of all the soaps on the air. Sharon Newman made some questionable choices, Brooke Logan sleeps with her daughters boyfriends (or even husbands) and Sami Brady isn’t a good role model either but Carly somehow tops all of them. Carly is reckless with her children – with all of them. Obsessed with mobster Sonny and in love with serial killer Franco, Carly’s kids clearly don’t come first. Not even close.
    Why would you leave your little daughter with a man that she hates? Why would you chose a mobster as the adoptive father of your son and then hide that the man killed the kid’s bio daddy? Why don’t you even get the least bit upset when your ex-husband slept with your son’s girlfriend?
    I need Bobbie to find out everything going on in the life of her grandkids and then slap Carly for her selfish behavior.

    Pushing for Kiki/Franco scenes is stupid! They can’t even establish a father/daughter-relationship between Kiki and Silas – who barely share scenes together – but they come up with these ridiculous Kiki/Franco scenes. Stupid!

    I’m kinda sad that the rebuilding of Maxie and Lulu’s friendship mostly happened off-screen. I would have liked to see it. Them trying to rebuild trust in each other and trying to overcome what they’ve done to each other … it was completely skipped. That’s sad and it shows once more how plot-driven this show is and why there then is no Emmy-worthy material. If you skip the emotional depths and just wanna shock your audience with plot twists, you can’t blame the Emmy system for not getting nominated.

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    True KiKi is Michael’s girlfriend but Joss just came back from Australia so she doesn’t really know KiKi. But since most of what happens on GH happens off screen, maybe they hung out when Joss came back, IDK

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    Oh of course they have to put Kiki and Franco together! I mean, where else can the magic that once was Starr and Todd come from??? Get these two out of here please!!!

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    @Soapjunkie & in general, Re-Ron is ONLY interested in Maxie for the purpose of pushing his newbies — it has nothing to do with maintaining any integrity, freshness or originality of Maxie OR Lulu, which are all long gone by the way…

    @DonnieA — yeah, “magic” that disappeared once Kristen Alderson grew up and Starr became a goodie goodie. All these favored actors that we must be subjected to by TPTB would mostly be MUCH better as villains (like Shawn Christian on DOOL for example). Would be a less bitter pill to swallow imo…

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    I think Nina is completely justified. If her don’t-worry-be-happy facade had been real, it would have rung false. Of course, she’s pissed at Silas and Ava and her mom and the world. Of course, Sam would be in her cross hairs. I’m actually enjoying Michelle Stafford (though yes, she’s basically playing Phyllis 20 years ago), but her scheming will need to become more sophisticated soon. Grown people shouldn’t be hoodwinked by such childish and obvious ploys.

    Carly has never been the great mom that she thinks she is, so her current behavior doesn’t surprise me. And although I don’t love her and Franco, I don’t find it as objectionable as many do. Jax aside, she’s never been selective with her men. And if you can go back to a mobster who shoots you in the head, surely you can hook up with the guy who got your son raped in prison (though he didn’t mean to!). What I don’t understand about her current behavior is why she would jeopardize her relationship with her son to cover for Sonny. Her argument that she was trying to protect her family makes no sense. How is keeping this secret better for Michael’s psyche than leveling with him and telling him how his father really died?

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    The only thing I could think of is that Carly is setting up Franco. It has to be it. How other would you have him and her together? This pairing cant go on much longer because nobody likes it. Also, the magic of Starr and Todd. Todd was a humorous funny guy on OLTL. Franco acts like an immature jerk. Btw, didnt Franco call off the rape of Micheal and the guy didnt listen to Franco and did it anyway?

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