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    Nina claims she’s all alone and unable to get up, so Silas promises to come over. Rosalie worries that she’ll be fired, but Nina says she has plenty of money and not to worry.

    Silas apologizes to Sam but feels he needs to go and check on Nina. After he leaves, Patrick arrives and Sam explains about Nina but questions the timing of her call. Patrick wonders if Nina ruined the date on purpose and that Sam should trust her instincts.

    Sam mentions taking off her ring because she felt it was time to let Jason go. Sam says she hasn’t forgotten about his accident case and that she’ll go to the scene to look for clues. Patrick offers to go with her.

    Nathan lets Mac know that Maxie lost custody for another six months and blames himself for lying. Mac reassures him. Nathan tells Mac about his suspicions of Levi, but says he has no proof.

    Franco accuses Carly of spending too much time at Sonny’s, but she claims she was keeping an eye on Ava. Franco doesn’t think Sonny needs the help and doesn’t understand why it would be so terrible if the police knew he killed AJ.

    Carly angrily says that Michael has been through enough and doesn’t need to know the truth about what Sonny did. She doesn’t want to blow her family apart. Franco wonders if Carly’s anger is because Ava slept with Sonny.

    Ava messes with Sonny by pouring herself a glass of wine. Sonny declares that she won’t have alcohol while pregnant and knocks the glass out of her hand. Ava says she won’t make things easy for him.

    Maxie’s upset that by the time she sees Georgie, the baby won’t know who she is. Levy promises to help her through this. Maxie wonders again how the judge figured out that Nathan lied.

    Levi tells Maxie about Nathan’s accusation which makes Maxie angry since she knows Levi would never hurt her like that. Levi remembers calling the judge. Nathan gets home and Maxie angrily tells him that Levi isn’t the one who spoke with the judge.

    Silas finds Nina on the floor and she cries that she’s tired of being helpless. Silas spots the broken plaque and asks about it. Nina apologizes for breaking it. Silas asks about Rosalie, who arrives, claiming car trouble.

    Silas demands to know where she was, but Rosalie claims he’s responsible for Nina and shouldn’t have been out on a date. Nina tells her not to blame Silas, but Rosalie feels marriage vows are a lifetime commitment. Alone, Nina thanks Rosalie.

    Sam checks in with Silas who apologizes for running out on her. Sam tells him that Patrick will give her a ride home.
    Carly accuses Franco of being jealous, but he wants to know about her bond with Sonny. Carly admits there is a bond but it’s not a romantic one. Sonny calls, so Franco storms out.

    Sonny tells Carly about Ava’s threat to the baby. He’s not sure how long he can do this. Carly promises they’ll get through this together.

    Ava calls someone, likely her mother, to come for a visit.

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    The Sam/Patrick scenes were the highlight of the episode. I loved every minute of it. They have a good thing going and with Patrick knowing about Jason, I’d wish that they had paired those two. Sam as a character just isn’t doing well in that relationship with Silas.

    Welcome to “The stupid women of GH” club, Maxie. If just four people know a secret, three of them have no reason to spill it and you confront the one that’s left, you are made out to be the bad guy? Nathan lied for Maxie and now he gets attacked for wanting to know how the judge could have known? For a schemer like Maxie this behavior is odd … and once again shows how plot-driven “GH” is at the moment. Levi’s schemes are so obvious it’s hard to not get mad at the writing here. Not to mention, MAXIE JONES AIN’T STUPID!!!!

    If Franco’s jealousy would lead to him tell the police the truth about who really killed AJ, the character would FINALLY have a purpose. LOL
    I kinda like that they are using the history between Carly and Sonny. It’s just sad that Laura Wright and Maurice Bernard have ZERO romantic chemistry. Makes me think back to the days where Tamara Braun was playing Carly. I’d fall for CarSon in a heartbeat if she would still be playing the role.

    Ava once again showed that she’s the ultimate ice queen but threatening Sonny to drink a Martini. That woman is evil. And it’s so good!!!

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    Send early years Phyllis back to youtube, her brother Dumb Donald back to Fat Albert and kill the Aussie wombat.

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    Nina and her list is cracking me up. The other day when she threatened to put Rosalie on the list, I almost fell out of my seat. Too funny. And then consulting the list after ending Sam and Silas’s date as if she really needed to look at that piece of paper to remember whom she wants revenge on was too funny. Emily Thorne on Revenge she is not! But I guess if the character is still emotionally in her early to mid 20s after being in a coma for 20 years, it makes sense that her revenge tactics would be so paint by numbers and not just a little high school.

    Is Maxie turning into the new Tracy? Tracy has been blinded by love in the past, but Maxie has never been a fool. Who tipped off the judge has got to be the least mysterious mystery EVER. She should have thought of it herself. By being so quick to go off on Nathan the way she did after all he did for her, she makes me almost think that she deserves to be with Levi.

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    I’m finding Nina wildly entertaining. Michelle Stafford is the one saving grace in the otherwise black hole that is the Silas/Sam orbit.

    Yep, Maxie is being written as just as dumb as Tracy(and Alexis). Ready for the Aussie to get the hell on already.

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    Forget the Nina drama, the real mystery is who spiked the Port Chuck water supply with stupid? First, Carly has moved psychotic Franco into her house with her daughter. Then Tracey can’t figure out that she is married to an imposter. (Seriously, she can’t tell the difference in the way he kisses, or “bundles”) Alexis has lost her mind, as much as I love the idea of Alexis finally getting a man and a love life, Julian’s’ joy stick must be off the chain amazing for her to allow him to move in and Molly to move out. Now, we are supposed to believe that the mop head with the bad Aussie accent, has Maxie snowed? It’s obvious that Levi is trying to seperate Maxie from her friends and family and absolutely does not want her to get Georgie back.

    At least Sam has an inklingh that Nina is playing Silas. On that note, let Nina have Silas. I like the possibility of Patrick and Sam. Damn, he looked good in that scene in the park, all tall tan and bearded. Niiice…….real nice.:-)

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    First Ava. I need Ava to stick to being evil. The writers need to stop flip flopping her. One minute she’s crying like a punk next she threatening and being fierce. They need to stop holding back. Have Ava drinking. Have her smoking or doing lines with Rafe. We don’t have any real villains on Gh just those cartoons like Dr O. Someone does need to tell Ava about Sonny’s hatred of glass

    Nina and her nurse remind me of Vivian and Ivan from Days. I really can’t tolerate Nina unless she’s with Nurse Ratchet Rosalie! Rosalie needs to be working at GH.

    Carly/Franco so what who cares. I see Nathan about to get the Sabrina treatment where everybody and their crack dealer start preaching about how great a guy he is. Now sexy Mac is his cheerleader. Poor Maxie is now a part of I’m as dumb as rocks club. Why are Levi’s lips lavender? Put the weed down mate

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    @ logan_echols-Between you and @ Cornfed I know I can come here to DC and end up smiling while reading your commentary. Thank you….

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    How dumb can Maxie be? You could see that Levi did this a mile away. I cant stand Rosalie. She should keep her mouth shut and clean a bedpan or something. I dont need her grating on my nerves.

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    Thank you!!!! Maxie the convining temptress is gone. She’s now one of the dumbest chicks in PC

    the thoery of opposites
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    Thank you Swanqueen…the show supposedly called GH is now plot driven schlock…i don’t think i want my favorite actors anywhere near it. Come on aboard John-Paul Levosier! LOL

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    @Mets82 — this is the first thing you’ve posted that i agree with in its entirety!

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