Logging In & Commenting

Beginning September 1, 2010 the way users log in to Daytime Confidential and Pop Confidential has changed. Now users will need to log in to each site separately in order to comment on that site’s respective content. We believe this will resolve the problem some users had under the old system that wouldn’t let them log in or gave them an Access Denied message after trying to log in. This fix should make it easier for users to log in Daytime and Pop Confidential to comment and interact with other readers.


When a new user registers on Daytime Confidential or Pop Confidential the account will give them the ability to log in at both Daytime and Pop to comment on news stories and in the forums. If you are having problems with the registration process please email us at one of the two email addresses below.

Resetting Your Password

If you encounter a problem resetting your password with the automated system please email us at one of the two email addresses below.

Access Denied Error Message

An Access Denied error message is a general message displayed by the content management system for a variety of reasons. If you receive this error there is a 99.99% certainty that you have not been banned from the site. If you get this message please return to the main page and try whatever you were doing again. If you get the message a second time please email us using one of the two email addresses below a describe what you were trying to do.

How to Contact

If you experience any problems registering, logging in, commenting, resetting your password or get an error message on Daytime or Pop Confidential please email us at or