The Quartermaine family of Port Charles, New York is one of General Hospital’s most valued treasures. Rich in history, and vibrant in personality they are one of daytime’s most notable families.

For over thirty years and four generations they have graced us with their comedy, wit, under handed schemes trying to one up each other, blackmail each other, and defend each other against outside forces. With each new generation, the Quartermaine family re-endears itself to General Hospital fans and even their servants have become fan favorites.

"The Complete Quartermaine History" is an account by Daytime Confidential Staff Writer Belinda of the many years of joy the Quartermaine family has brought to our lives.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the trip down memory lane.

This history is compiled largely from Daytime Confidential contributor Belinda’s vast memory, online sources and the book, A Complete Scrapbook by Gary Warner. The Complete Quartermaine History is intended for entertainment purposes only and not to be an exact recounting of everything that has happened to the Quartermaine family over the years. In the event you discover a portion of Quartermaine family history missing that you believe is a vital part of their story email us at savethequartermaines @ daytimeconfidential .com  We hope it will suffice to quench your thirst for all things Quartermaine.

Portions of this The Complete Quartermaine History, also written by Belinda, have been published at Eye On Soaps as part of the Alan and Monica Retrospective.

Do not reproduce or republish The Complete Quartermaine History without the express permission of Daytime