Judith Chapman Returns from Witch Mountain

Anyone who has ever listened to the Daytime Confidential podcast knows that I'm a big fan of Gloria's on The Young and the Restless.

Well, whether you love Gloria, love to hate her or just plain hate her you're going to want to check out Nelson Branco's new interview with Y&R star Judith Chapman. They talk about the character, her motivations and the actress thoughts on the show.

Many long time fans believe that Gloria is single handedly responsible for the Abbot family's demise. Here are Chapman's thoughts on Jack and Gloria's relationship.

TVG: Do you think Gloria and Jack will ever be friends?
JC: Um, there could be a meeting of the minds down the road… something catastrophic would have to happen, though! Gloria will never forgive Jack for the horrible things he’s said and done to her. I mean, the man kept Gloria from her husband’s funeral! You can never forget or forgive something like that. Ever. That’s why I wasn’t happy when Eileen left the show because my yin got yanked. Ashley was Gloria’s complete opposite.


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Big fan of Gloria? You are a worshipper of her cult Luke. Stop being modest! *LOL* It was a great interview, Judith's really a hoot.

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ha! lol

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Judith is great! A real queen and we love her for this. Hopefully she will stay for decades on Y&R. Her character is really fun to watch as well as her new on-screen hubby Ted Shackelford.

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I love you Judith Chapman and have been very lucky to have seen her play every role on a soap that she has. More power to Gloria and defining her sense of worth and self-respect!

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What an entertaining interview. Was this done before Nelson had to cut CBS off?

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I would love to go out for drinks with Judith, preferably in celebration of her LEAVING Y&R! Sounds like a great lady, but I can't stand one more second of The Gloria Hour or as it is known in Latin American countries Mis Espousos Muchos.