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  • On Y&R, I like Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily, GH) for the role of Mac. I also like Lauren London for the role of Lily. IMO, CK has been a complete disappointment in the role. And on AMC, how about Wilson Bethel (ex-Ryder, YR) in the role of Pete Cortlandt.

  • I have always been indifferent when it comes to JT. The writers never took the time to develop him into a character that I can invest in. To this day, we know nothing about his background prior to him being introduced as Billy’s high school rival. We know nothing about his family or where he comes from. JT just popped out of nowhere. Maybe if he…[Read more]

  • The problem that I’ve always had with Adam is that I’ve been unable to make an emotional investment in the character. I don’t love him nor do I love to hate him. I feel nothing for him because the character’s actions don’t make sense to me. Adam’s mother, Hope, was an angel who didn’t have a mean bone in her body. It doesn’t make sense that a…[Read more]

  • I hope he doesn’t join B&B. It’s time for the saga of Sheila Carter to be buried once and for all. I would love to see Wilson Bethel in the role of Pete Cortlandt on AMC. I can just see Pete squaring off against JR Chandler, continuing the feud that took place between their fathers years ago. Pete could also be a sexy, yet dangerous love interest…[Read more]