• Liason the GH we are watching in 2012 so far doesnt show franco messing with Sams paternity test and the 2011 GH clearly showed Jake dying not off with franco and yet people speculate that if the writers WANTED to they COULD back track and make those things occur. Well that too is true of A LOT of what we see on a show. Given that Lying Lizzie is…[Read more]

  • And any good writer could back track that so that liz accessed the records and changed the paternity. Not hard at all given shes a nurse and works at the hospital..

  • Swan I should be fair here – I met DZ at Super Soap weekend 09 and he seemed like a decent guy so I am not cheering him losing his job so much as that was an expression of being tired of the character.. I saw his guest spot on tru calling and he was good for what it was. I havent seen him on GH in any capacity other than what guza/wolfe laid out…[Read more]

  • Soapcrazy that was not my suggestion. Liason I believe said it was the soapier way to go (i suspect that the results are going to change and then change back to jason again before the baby is born just as a btw) I think there is a case to be made that it is the soapier choice but not on a show thats already this dark. Its like the rumor that went…[Read more]

  • LOL be impressed that I even remembered the newspaper. Remembering the headline – forget about it! lol

    Ahanshew Im hoping after his brain issues he softens towards the Qs, esp. if they are going to go ahead and kill off Edward. I want to see Edward touch sams tummy and feel the promise of a new generation. I want to see monica playing with her…[Read more]

  • Swan what was the headline on the newspaper? I thought it referenced something about finding him? cant remember.

    As for kicking ass since they started partnering up again, they saved jake from the russians, they defeated jerry jax, and they vanquished the balkan and his men – not to mention all the steamy sex and the romantic wedding they…[Read more]

  • Liz didnt know how jason would react given that he was back with the love of his life, everyone was assuming the baby was lucky’s, we see how liz hates to be the object of derision (her affair with nik landed her in shadybrook and at least nik isnt a mobster) etc. etc. a good writer could write it if they wanted to especially since jake was a…[Read more]

  • Oh one more thing, I actually think the rape baby might be the better story IF the rest of the canvas werent already so depressing. to tell that story now while jason is having brain issues and robin is sick or going missing or however they are writing robin out makes no sense plus it keeps reminding viewers of the horrible franco story that never…[Read more]

  • jason and robin DO still have chemistry and I for one would love to see Jolie come to gh and have a six way story with all three pairs (with the original pairings probably being end game)

    why would lizzie lie? Because Lizzie lies about everything? Because everyone made assumptions and she was trying each thing on for size? Because she wanted…[Read more]

  • That could well be….true too is that no one except Lying Lizzie ever saw the jake paternity results. I wouldnt mind finding out that Franco had jake, jake comes back we find out that the two children arent a match to one another and just as thats calling in to question SAM’s baby, we find out that Jake belongs to LUCKY. Wouldnt surprise me one bit.

  • I heard about that – such a shame! Sharon Wyatt is such a beautiful woman and hopefully they can do something to help her.

  • So glad to hear from Aramis! Happy to learn she is settling in nicely and starting to get caught up on her GH. Let her know I send my love!

  • So much info out there now that its hard to separate out fact from fiction. I havent heard anything about alexis leaving or that carly is out…and I heard tony might retire. Im thinking money is going to play a factor.

  • WOW Im gone for a couple of weeks for surgery and I see Jaq is back. Le sigh.

  • Oh 100% I think her departure is totally justified and I didnt actually know her contract ended months ago. My feeling was basically that anyone could stick out six months and if the show wraps in August she (and jj) would still be able to be involved in pilot season but maybe I just dont know enough about the way the industry works. I just feel…[Read more]

  • This may sound terrible, but Im kind of annoyed that KMc and JJ arent just sticking out the half year or so before the show ends (you figure they will be on til jan/feb at a minimum and the show ends most likely in September (which means that filming would end in maybe August?). Really any success they have had stems from their start with gh and I…[Read more]

  • Dont tease me with talk of Oz. I loved that show – yes it was at times dark and depressing, but so compelling and so realistic. Adibisi going was a huge loss but I was also very interested in Ryan O’Reiley and his family as well as the dynamic between beecher, schillinger and keller. It pains me to see the actor that played RO doing those mayhem…[Read more]

  • I heard from a friend that the PP deal might not be as dead as we may think it is. Im going to wait and see how it plays out. I wonder if OLTL gets delayed or cancelled, might that make it HARDER to actually cancel GH outright? Its not like they can say gh is going to PP if OLTL gets shelved.

    Maggie DOES look like TB. I think new Kate looks a…[Read more]

  • LMAO I think we were talking about our love for Serial Killer Hospital where EVERY character is secretly nursing a serious dexter-like habit. Its amazing theres anyone still alive there >)

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