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  • If I can’t have her with Jax then I want her with Jason. There was so much potential there

    But I agree with EET that it was hard to decide back in the day, when she was around Sonny I felt the connection but I adore her with Jax as well.

  • Analiza my only problem was that the picture had a tag of "Miss You" which makes me think that it was a recent baby picture.

    I am not for Brooklyn breaking up Lante but this is a soap and the angst would be wonderful, especially because LooLoo made the decision to abort her child which could bring up painful reminders to Dante about what…[Read more]

  • I am with watchingallday – I am getting rumors that Brooklyn was preggers and the daddy is in Port Chuck (Dante) and that CLaire’s baby daddy is in PC too, but we haven’t seen enyone acknowledge that they even knew Claire outside of this new surrounding.

    So for me I think that Brooklyn got pregnant but thought it best to have an abortion which…[Read more]

  • Nope I would defintely put down the remote for that storyline.  For me Krissy and Michael are brother and sister in all sense of the word.  Maybe if I had not watched them grow up before my eyes I could have seen it play out like it did on Guiding Light but now NO WAY. 

  • Thanks Sassy.  I have been reading similar spoilers but like a few I was praying that this was off.  I can’t even begin to tell how thoroughly pissed I will be to have to watch that play out.

    I mean I knew Alexis had it in her, I mean she killed Alky’s brother and hardly batted an eye.  This is the same woman who thinks Sonny is evil incarnate…[Read more]

  • See the way Alexis treats Sam has always made me wonder how Sam was conceived, and if Sam reminds her too much of the person who knocked her up ….good/or bad.  This is the only reason I want them to delve into who Sam’s father really is, and what transpired when Alexis got pregnant.  Also, why was it so bad for Alexis to be pregnant that Mikkos…[Read more]

  • FFIT – LMAO – I am not saying its not HoBag worthy, its just that this is how they are writing my girl so at this point 3for3 or 4 for 4 doesn’t really make any difference.  I mean is there a fujita scale that measures HoBaginess 

    JMoney – throw in Jason’s kid as well and the mix could be explosive for years

  • JMoney I have been spreading that theory around DC for the last few weeks.  I would love that idea I mean at this point why would it matter if she had three kids from three daddies or four.  I mean big whup.

    It would also give Liz the trifecta in legacy kids Quatermaine-Spencer-Cassadine, and throw in the fact that she too is of legacy…[Read more]

  • FFIT something we can agree on – hubba hubba

  • GH Lover I truly think the best that Guza will give JaSam is a marriage because a baby would mean no more adventure couple without them looking like bad parents for doing things that might endanger a lil one.

    I am ok with a marriage as long as they have the talk, no talk and this fan will continue to FF thru their scenes

    Liz has only had…[Read more]

  • Oh please GH Lover this sudden weirdness with her kids has only happened in the last few months, I think its a little harsh to say she doesn’t care about her kids.   She has always been one of the better parents on this show.

    Nik on the other hand is an entirely different disaster

  • Can I put in my application to be KMc for one day just to be surrounded by all that pretty

  • EET – I think the reason why Jason won’t think about her not being so innocent is because she was not the intended target Maxie was.  Franco did not know from Adam if Lulu had any connection to Dante, shoot most people don’t even know they are kind of maybe could be dating.

    I am still not happy with GH, and a lot is because once again there was…[Read more]

  • But GH Lover that is where things go gray…We don’t want Sam to die (ok sometimes I do :)  ) it’s just she is putting herself in the line of fire. 

  • GH Lover I would never get mad at you…you’re devotion drives me crazy sometimes but never mad

    I mentioned that I know this was the best choice for JASON, but you will not convince me that it is ok to save a person who knows the risk over someone who never asked for it just because you love them and have no connection to the other.  Now please…[Read more]

  • EET – I totally agree that Jason made the right choice for HIM, but that doesn’t make it the right choice.  Like we were talking about yesterday Sam is in these situation because of her relationship with Jason so while I don’t think she deserves to die, an innocent should not have to be sacrificed at the alter of Jason just to show more JaSam…[Read more]

  • Wow I think Sam asking Lucky that question was’s not the same.  Lulu and Lucky are related, Jason and Lulu not.  So why not ask Jason what he would have done with two people he had a TRUE connection with. 

    Please stop with the Sam is great crap because that is all I am being fed by these writers.  The day after once again being…[Read more]

  • I didn’t get to watch yesterday’s epi, but it appears I will hate it.  I am not a mother but this show just kills me when they portray women who have never given any indication of being a bad mother as one.  Alexis comes to mind, and now Liz..  Up until Niz, Liz has never given me a feeling that these kids were not her priority.  I mean she was…[Read more]

  • Pretty sure I never had sex because I was mad at Daddy…Oh God even typing that made me feel dirty.


  • Daisy I have no problem with the picks from Soapnet and agree with a slew of them, even the ones which involved Sam New Year’s resolution never said anything about Avatar photos…I think I liked it the best because it said "free samples"

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