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  • @EET, I never said I didn’t like Sam. I actually said I like Sam just by herself. She was independent, fierce, and did things her own way. but when she became involved with Jason and Sonny, she became almost everything many feminists would rave against. I liked her with Jax because they were hot together and she still had her independence. When…[Read more]

  • [quote=liason4real]
    Added: Having the “ride or die” chick have to deal with her only chance at a baby from a rape would have been the better story. Would Sam terminate the pregnancy? Or, would she love the child any way? How about Jason? Could Jason deal with playing Daddy to Franco’s child? We all know that GH no longer has the chutzpah to…[Read more]

  • I just want there to be more Robin and Jason scenes together. I actually like Sam by herself. She was more independent. she needs to interact more with Carly and Liz, bringing the tension and drama.

    BTW, @EET I like your story idea of Sam having Franco’s baby while struggling with the idea of having her dream of being a mother come true and…[Read more]

  • [quote=liason4real]IA! Jason looked like he was constipated.[/quote]

    from the way Sam was acting, you would think she was giving Jason his first baby. That honor goes to Courtney.
    I am sorry I can’t get excited about Sam’s baby. because after the scenes between Jason/Robin, I have to say they still got it; they got chemistry even after…[Read more]

  • alstonboy,

    AMC holds a special place in my heart too. It was the one ABC soap I grew up watching. AMC was the only ABC soap that played in my house growing up; everything else was CBS and NBC.

    AMC has become unrecognizable as of late. I can only find a handleful of characters that I remember growing up watching. AMC was comfort food for me…[Read more]

  • [quote=JAQ]Soapcrazy writes:
    You’re right, that dress of Carly’s in the previews was awesome. You know Carly out shine the bride on purpose. And I would too if I hated the bride.
    lol I would have thought by now someone would be trashing my comment.
    IMO there was no comparison. Carly outshined…[Read more]

  • You know, there is such a thing as soap burnout. I am not quite sure what your are asking or talking about but from what I can understand, you are saying you have soap burnout as evidenced by your statement
    “Have I lost my interest in soaps to the point that in my mind, the history of GH and the current writing is miles apart, and I laugh at…[Read more]

  • [quote=JAQ]I thought the bride was suppose to be the most beautiful at the wedding?

    Carly – WOO HOO!! You looked fantastic!! You do not need a man to complete you. Get some confidence, stop your insecurites because you “got it going”
    Sorry Brenduh fans, but I have to say what is on my mind.
    Brenduh in her wedding dress didn’t hold a candle…[Read more]

  • beans4metoo writes:
    “Soapcrazy- Finally I have found another Jason/Carly fan!”

    good to meet u too! JARLY forever! Even if JaSam don’t break up, I want Carly and Jason to have secret affair. I’ll take it ’cause I know it will be hot and torrid. When the reveal comes that Jake is not Jason’s son,(that boy is Lucky’s) then Carly can comfort…[Read more]

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    I like Molly. She is like any other little girls who likes to act grown before their time. She is just Precocious!

    I hope they don’t over do it like they did Spinelli.

  • ITA, I love Phyllis and Jack together. they are fire together. I especially love when they are scheming together. Keep them romantically away from Nick and Sharon. Also liking the Victor/Diane/Nick triangle.

  • I wasn’t able to see the Emmys on Sunday, so what do you mean they confused Drew Bell with Drew Garrett? I looked online to see who the winners were but are you saying that Drew Garrett actually won and not Drew Bell? Or are you saying that Drew Garrett was just robbed and should have won?

  • Smitty, welcome to the GH family.

    For me, the writing on GH, to me, has always been good. the storylines gets me frustrated, happy, intrigued, angry, teary-eyed (the death of Michael when Tamara Braun played Carly)and sometimes it has me cheering and laughing (especially when Tony Geary is on the screen).

    My beef is when GH doesn’t use…[Read more]

  • AlistairCrane, I have been asking myself that question for a while now. It’s not just on Days though, when I watch GH, I feel that the super couples are being demolish every day, look at Sonny and Carly, the writers are systematically, making them look like assh****es and just plain unrootable. For GH though, since there are no supercouples I just…[Read more]

  • [quote=alstonboy4315]
    After watching other soaps like OLTL and Y&R, GH looks like Shakespeare in comparison. Despite it’s many faults, GH remains, in my opinion, the most-intelligently written, realistic and intriguing soap on the air. I have watched all the other soaps, and none of them can hold my interest day in and day out like GH!!! Y&R…[Read more]

  • thxs jlj0117,

    And what’s up with Molly trying to take a contract out on Mr. Bauer?
    I thought she was one of the sensible people on the show.

  • hope we can get back to the board room. they were really good back in the day. Jabot vs Newman which really was about the Newman and Abbott Family going at it and everyone was required to take sides and you saw their true colours. it made for good drama and suspense.
    bribery, blackmail, seduction, double cross, family loyalty, I miss those…[Read more]

  • Analiza that Sonny/Tea pairing sounds like a great idea. so does a Sam McCall/John McBain paring.

    There are some couples over there at CBS I would love to see together,

    of course, my Jack and Phyllis,

    Ashley and Tucker or a triangle -Neil-Ashley-Tucker (choosing between the sensible guy (Neil) and the bad boy  (Tucker)

    And, Ryder and…[Read more]

  • soapcrazy replied to the topic Alexis in the forum Group logo of General HospitalGeneral Hospital 4 years, 9 months ago

    I don’t know if she is but I notice when alot of tragedic( sp?) scenes and /or storylines are on screen, the character’s clothes become darker. I think it’s to enhanced the moods and scenes of what the characters are doing. it could be this.

  • aaahh, faisonfanintexas, you’re right but, a girl can dream though.

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