Gran Torino

Gran Torino: Hello Oscar!

Gripping, stunning, exhilarating, magnificent. There are no words powerful enough to describe Clint Eastwood’s performance in this film. This is either the scariest man alive or Eastwood at 150 years old has finally become one of the world’s finest actors. Gran Torino grabbed me by the balls and held me from beginning to end. This is not a movie I recommend…it’s a must see. Clint Eastwood’s “performance” is one best of the I’ve ever seen.

The story…a simple one: Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) a grizzled old war veteran hates everyone and everything. Only Daisy an old mutt, his Gran Torino bought new in 1972, his house where he’s lived for decades and his barber, a “Wop” foul-mouth he visits every three weeks, register as welcome. A crowbar and a load of dynamite could not get him out of the house, get his car or dog from him or change him from being the most verbally racist character in film. If this man doesn’t offend you, you must be the whitest Englishman alive. It’s the only group he doesn’t insult including his own: “Polack.” Walt is Archie Bunker with brass knuckles and a howitzer. READ MORE