Tiffani Thiessen Pops Her (White) Collar With Matthew Bomer

The girl whose sexy, bad girl Valerie Malone helped this fan of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 quickly get over the loss of some chick named Brenda, is returning to TV. Tiffani Thiessen (Hold the mustard and the Amber.) has landed a role in the upcoming USA pilot White Collar playing the wife of a detective who specializes in what else, white collar crimes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lead gumshoe in question is played by none other than Guiding Light alum Matthew Bomer (Who so should have beat out that One Life to Live dude for the Superman role). I'm sure the seven people who still watch Guiding Light will recall Bomer as the guy who helped transition Fletcher Reade's sweet, goofy son Ben into a raging, psycho killer. That was back when the show actually wrote those type of characters off. Now, Ben would likely be the lead heartthrob, getting more airtime than Kim Zimmer in oddly homoerotic scenes where Ron Raines ties him to a chair, or Ben ties Marcy Rylan to a chair. Pick your perversion. READ MORE