Van WIlder: Freshman Year

DC Exclusive: Jonathan Bennett Talks AMC's Move, Mean Girls, Van Wilder and ACME Saturday Night!

SoCal will be even hotter than usual this Saturday night, Sept. 19, not to mention funnier! That's because soap hunk-turned-film comedian Jonathan Bennett will be hosting ACME Saturday Night at 8 pm PT, at the ACME Comedy Theater (135 N. La Brea in Los Angeles).

Bennett, whose first big break came when All My Children tapped him to play a young adult Adam Chandler Jr., went on to make teen girls everywhere swoon opposite fellow soap alum Lindsay Lohan (ex-Ali, Another World) in the monster hit romantic comedy Mean Girls. However, it's raunchy roles like the titular Van Wilder, whom the actor played in the Direct-to-DVD prequel Van Wilder: Freshman Year—currently being shown in heavy rotation on Comedy Central—that Bennett admits he has much more fun playing. I caught up with Bennett as he was getting ready for his sketch comedy debut.

Daytime Confidential: So you're hosting ACME Saturday Night, how did that come about?

Jonathan Bennett: Well, Van Wilder: Freshman Year has been airing a lot on cable, so I think that's where the idea for me to host ACME came from.

DC: Sweet, now this is the third Van Wilder film, will there be another, and if so, will you be in it?

JB: That's the plan, to do another prequel. READ MORE