MVP: "Melrose Place" on Ice Scores for SOAPnet

I just finished watching the first two episodes of Canadian soap import MVP on SOAPnet and I am crazy impressed! After seeing previews of the show, I was intrigued yet a part of me was afraid MVP-jam packed with hopelessly-beautiful babe-izons and buffed studs in white boxer briefs who likely spent more time at the gym than at Summer Shakespeare workshops-might have proven to be more Models, Inc. than Melrose Place, but I am glad to say the land that gave us Degrassi and Maple Syrup doesn't disappoint. MVP is icy hot!

From Damon, the tormented, David Beckham-esque male slut,  to she-devil Daddy's girl Molly, to fresh-from-the-farm rookie Trevor (he of the aforementioned boxer briefs), MVP has plenty of interesting characters and juicy plotlines.

At the center of the saga is a classic Cinderella storyline featuring reformed bad guy-turned-team captain Gabe and virginal child care worker Connie. The pair gets off to a promising start before Gabe gets roped into a sex scandal involving Trevor. I won't ruin the surprise since SOAPnet plans to air all three eppys of it's new gem next Friday for the Fourth of July, but I will say I hope Gabe has his face insured! Check out MVP: He Shoots, She Scores Thurs. at  11 pm. ET.


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This was a canadian show that aired exclusivley in canada but was cancelled.Whats the point of soapnet airing it if it was cancelled by ctv.Hey looks like america is desperate for good tv shows because cbs just snagged another canadian import "flashpoint"

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I don't know, Jamey. I can't get behind this one. I've seen the MVP episodes and the entire thing comes across like a cheaper ripoff of the BBC'sFootballer's Wives.


THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 - Hi-Octane Version

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I agree with Gush. What's the point of showing a show that has already been cancelled?

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The show was cancelled due to budgetary concerns, not ratings. And SOAPnet has said if the ratings prove successful here in the U.S., they will co-produce a second season with the original Canadian production company. I am liking it, it is very much a soap as opposed to a Movie of the Week or the like and it shows that at least SOAPnet is trying to keep the soap opera as a genre alive. I don't see NBC or CBS planning any cable nets to even remotely help support this genre that has made them all so much money over the years.