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Bold and Beautiful's Adam Gregory Reveals Why Thomas Went Along With "Manipulative" Grandma Stephanie

What is it about the Forrester men and their inability to resist Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) manipulations on The Bold and the Beautiful? Each generation of the male Forresters some how fall into the matriarch's web of deceit — not to mention Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) bed. Well, almost in Thomas' (Adam Gregory) case! 

I caught up with the gorgeous Gregory at the Daytime Emmys to get his thoughts on why his character went along with La Forrester's latest treachery.

"You try not doing something Stephanie's telling you to do!," he said with a laugh. "She can be a very convincing, very manipulative woman, she has been for many years." READ MORE

Should B&B’s Brooke Give Ridge The Heave-Ho and Choose Nick or Thomas?

After all these years of fight Taylor (Hunter Tylo) for Ridge (Ronn Moss) maybe it’s time for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to give Ridge the old heave-ho, for good.  Sure, Brooke and Ridge have a long, twisted history, but sometimes it’s that history that becomes their biggest stumbling block. Fortunately, it’s not as if The Bold and the Beautiful is suffering from a shortage of other possible love interests.

One candidate is ex-hubby Nick Marone (Jack Wagner), who hasn’t had boat rocked in quite some time.  Brooke and Nick always shared something special. Another candidate is her husband’s hunky son Thomas (Adam Gregory), who Brooke was stranded on an island with. The two have been caught in a compromising situation more than once and they’ve oozed chemistry together. Whether Brooke was to choose Nick or Thomas, such a twist could breathe new life into Brooke’s storylines.

Should Brooke choose Nick or Thomas?

Touch, Lord: Brooke and Thomas Get High Off Berries and Possibly Love on Bold and Beautiful

Leave it to The Bold and the Beautiful boss Brad Bell to make me burst out into a fit of hysterical, crazed, giggle-farts, following a day of trying to stay on top of one depressing daytime-related headline after another. In a new TV Guide exclusive, Bell gives Michael Logan the deets on the fabulous Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) possibly boinking her sex god, 20-something stepson Thomas (Adam Gregory), while under the infleunce of...berries.

TV Guide Magazine: Psychedelic-fruit sex — another B&B first! So what's the scoop?

Bell: Well, Brooke and Thomas wash ashore on a Fijian island but it's no tropical paradise — it's more like a sand dune with a few scrappy bushes and a cave. They're near starvation, near dehydration, and they finally find nourishment in the form of these berries that turn out to have psychedelic and aphrodisiac properties. So let the games begin.

TV Guide Magazine: Is this based on any kind of actual tropical-fruit science or did you just make this stuff up?

Bell:These are totally fictitious berries.


B&B's Brad Bell: "Sometimes When You Play With Fire, You Get Burned"

Aww sookie, sookie now! The Bold and the Beautiful's head writer/showrunner Brad Bell spilled the tea to TV Guide's  Michael Logan about Thomas' (Adam Gregory) attempts at pursuing Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and if it will make a comeback.

We are not backing off from the possibility of a Thomas-Brooke romance. This is a slow burn and we will continue to walk the tightrope with those two. Will we go there? Will it happen? We're going to be flirting with that for awhile. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned.

Uh oh...  Seems like Thomas will get burned according to Logan, Ridge (Ronn Moss) discovers his son stole a kiss from his wife! The chiseled one won't take this lying down. March 7 is must see for B&B!

To find out what Bell has to say about Thomas being gay, click here! READ MORE

Is The Bold and the Beautiful Talking Around Race With Thomas and Dayzee?

Race and racism are issues we still don’t talk about openly. It makes people uncomfortable, so we end up ignoring or talking around it. The controversy last year over whether or not racist language should be redacted from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn perfectly illustrated this. Rather than dealing with our complicated, racist past, some people decided to erase references to that past. But erasing will not change the fact that it happened, nor will it solve anything in the present.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, race rarely came into play until Eric's (John McCook) wife Donna (Jennifer Gareis) was reunited with the child she had given up for adoption as a teenager. It turned out her son Marcus (Texas Battle) was the product of a biracial union and he simply looked black. When he first appeared, Donna was conflicted about telling Eric and worried that it might end their marriage…only her reaction had nothing to do with race. Or so the show would have us believe.


B&B, GH and Y&R Stars Shine at The Desi Geestman Foundation Gala

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brandon Beemer, The Young and the Restless’ Christian LeBlanc and General Hospital’s Scott Reeves (pictured above) were three of the soap stars to attend the 7th Annual Evening with the Stars Celebrity Gala benefiting The Desi Geestman Foundation on October 7 at the Farmers Market in L.A.. See photos of your favorite current and former B&B, Y&R and GH stars after the jump!