Agim Kaba

Agim Kaba Leaving ATWT?

Could Agim Kaba be out as As the World Turns' Aaron Synder? According to Nelson Branco's Suds Report at TV Guide Canada it is a possibility, based on online rumors reported by Soap Opera Weekly.

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Which Daytime Stars Should be on the New Melrose Place?

When the news that The CW was developing a spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210 was still in its infancy, we asked you which daytime stars you'd like to see on the new show. Alas, neither Van Hansis nor Kirsten Storms has made the jump to good old West Bev as of yet, but both Drew Tyler Bell and the bra-zilliant Michael Graziadei have booked air time on the teen soap. So in keeping with tradition, now that news has been broken that a possible Melrose Place update could soon turn up on our screens, which daytime stars would you like to see living it up at Amanda Woodward's motel-style, SoCal apartment complex?

Lipstick on a Pig

Greetings, cherubs! 'Tis I once again. I wanted to take a quick moment to clear up a little confusion that was stirred up my inaugural post: my name, or rather, what to call me. Regular posters on the blogs here have known me as "DS9Sisko," but the switch to my real name for blogging purposes led to a bit of puzzlement. Now, I admit I have been called rather unprintable names over the years (many of which were in foreign languages), but after some consideration I think it would simplify things if folk called me either "DS9" or Bernard. None of those unprintable names though, specifically the ones in ancient Celtic or Mayan. Now...

The Story So Far: Ex-meth addict/porn star/nursing student Alison Stewart (Marnie Schulenburg) of the Permanently Dysfunctional Stewart Women, just got hitched to teenage sweetheart and all around good guy Aaron Snyder (Agim Kaba) of the Upstanding Salt of The Earth Holier Than Thou Snyder Clan, right after doing the horizontal mambo with maybe-maybe-not-supposed-to-be-edgy good guy Dr. Chris Hughes of The Pillars of Society Hughes of Oakdale. READ MORE

How do you like your Aaron?

Just in case you think we are all business here at DC, here is some mindless fluff for your eyes. It occurred to me when I saw Aaron lying in the hospital bed that he is anomaly among media men. He has chest hair. It got me to thinking. What's the general consensus (or Nicki's expert opinion) on men...waxed or unwaxed? You decide.