Alley Mills

Wishful Casting Crossover Stunt: What if B&B's Ann Douglas Was Y&R's Jill's Bio Mom?

Now that The Bold and the Beautiful is beginning to once again resemble something deserving of being shown on television, you know, like Cops or Maury Povich, my creative juices are beginning to perk up about the show. This is in large part due to the hella-hot May/December romance jumping off between Lesley-Anne Downe (Jackie) and Brandon Beemer (Owen). Downe has always proven electric opposite a good boy toy, whether it be Eddie Cibrian (ex-Cole, Sunset Beach) or Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon, B&B), so putting the sexy cougar with a guy who could be Brad Pitt's dark-haired little brother was a no brainer. READ MORE

B&B Blooper of the Week

Dan Martin (Lt. Baker) flubs his lines.

I'm just waiting for Stephanie to shove a hot dog in Lt. Baker's mouth and straddle him. You all know that would be smokin'.

Who Torched Rick's House And Blew Up His Car?

In amongst all the Steffy/Rick and Brooke/Ridge angst on last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful, there was a ray of light: the Fabulous Baker Boys returned. Hot dog gobbling Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) and his son Det. Charlie Baker (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) were back investigating yet another Forrester-related crime.

First, someone tried to burn down Rick's beach house, then on Friday someone blew up his car. Vote below - who do you think is responsible? Of course, there's always the chance it could be a background character like Jake, Madison (an old friend of Phoebe now working at Forrester), or the soon-to-be-seen Rocco Carner (it's rumored that he's been working at Forrester International and could therefore have ties to Rick).

The Young & The Restless w/ The Bold & The Beautiful Promo

I guess Paul's allure has worn off of Nikki..... Anyone can guess who's out for Rick? 

Alley Mills on Contract

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting in the latest Suds Report that Alley Mills is now on contract at The Bold and the Beautiful. Donna had better watch her back, because Pam isn't going anywhere. Now if only they'd give her the Doberman back.