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Is Amanda Setton Returning to One Life to Live?

Could Amanda Setton be returning to One Life to Live as Kimberly Andrews Buchanan? According to a tweet from OLTL makeup artist Julia Davis, it may be happening.

Just finished getting @amandasetton into character for One life to live. Love her features.

Who Should Raise Baby Sierra Mist on One Life to Live?

Poor, lil 'ol Sierra Mist Rose. As if it isn't bad enough that her slutty, deranged mama is stuck to the bottom of a frozen lake (Or is she?), the young 'un is also having to fight for her life as a passel of nincompoops fight over who should or should not raise her on One Life to Live

First up there's the baby's Aunt Gigi (Farah Fath), a well-meaning soul— if not the brightest of bulbs. Then there's Schuyler (Scott Clifton) who, although he tries to come off as earnest, is every bit as depraived as the late Stacy (Crystal Hunt) in my opinion for letting his lust for Gigi prevent him from putting a stop to Stacy's shenanigans months ago. Not to be outdone, there's Kim (Amanda Setton), the dearly departed Slutcicle's BFF, who has her teeth firmly sunk into Clint Buchanan's (Jerry verDorn) get the picture, ouch!
Last but not least, there's Oliver Fish (Scott Evans), the actual baby daddy (barring some last minute twist), who is struggling with the thought of being a parent because he's gay, as his supportive boyfriend Kyle (Brett Claywell) encourages him to step up. Now if that isn't a lineup of potential parentals to make even Maury Povich proud, I don't know what is! So what do you guys think?

Who should raise the little soft drink?

BREAKING NEWS: Amanda Setton QUITS One Life to Live!

Multiple sources have revealed to Daytime Confidential that breakout star Amanda Setton taped her last episode of One Life to Live on Friday, Feb. 19. Reportedly, the Gossip Girl actress, who had been recurring in the role of Stacy's (Crystal Hunt) best friend/partner-in-crime Kim Andrews, was offered a contract and a pay increase, however she opted to turn both down and in planning to move to California for pilot season. No word yet on whether or not One Life to Live plans to recast what has become quite the pivotal role.

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Wishful Storytelling: What if OLTL's Kim Was the Daughter of Karen Wolek and Steve Piermont?

Okay, so I am hyped up on caffeine and stir crazy due the cold weather, so I decided to read up on the backstory of the legendary Karen Wolek— the One Life to Live role that put Who's The Boss? and Ugly Betty star Judith Light on the map— in an attempt to dream up a storyline that could entice Ms. Light to pull a Nathan Fillion and do a guest spot on daytime's best sudser. 

As I got to the end of the Wikipedia article where it talked about Karen going into the Witness Protection Program with government agent Steve Piermont it hit me, what if Kim (breakout star Amanda Setton) turned out to be Karen's daughter?!

Maybe Karen and Steve changed their surname to Andrews (Kimberly's last name on the soap) in order to hide from the mobster baddies who were after Steve all those years ago? They could easily have had a child during the years Karen's been absent from Llanview, plus we don't know much about Kim's origins at this point. READ MORE

First Impressions: Gossip Girl's Amanda Setton as Kimberly Andrews

Gossip Girl's Amanda Setton  made her One Life to Live debut as Stacy's friend Kimberly Andrews. What are your First Impresisons? More pictures from today's episode of OLTL after the jump. READ MORE

A Gossip Girl Lands in Llanview is reporting that Amanda Setton (Penelope, Gossip Girl) is taking a break from the Upper East Side and trying Llanview on for size. Setton will play Summer, a new girl who will hit town late this summer (pun intended).

We don't know much about this new character but we'd love to hear where you see Summer fitting in?